You've probably heard by now that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we work, and it's true.

AI is making our lives easier and helping us do things we never thought possible. For example, did you know that you can use AI to write amazing content posts?

Write Amazing Content Posts with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a great tool for content marketers and online advertisers who want to create high-quality content without spending a lot of time or money. In this blog post, I'll show you how to use Jasper AI to write fantastic blog posts that will engage your audience and help you achieve your marketing goals. Let's get started!

What is Jasper AI and how can it help you write social media posts

You've probably heard all about artificial intelligence (AI) by now, with the field rapidly gaining momentum and a dominant presence in our media. Well Jasper AI is a brand assistant in writing amazing content.

But what is artificial intelligence? And how can it help you write social media posts? Here's a breakdown of how artificial intelligence works, and why it might be able to help your business succeed on social media.

What is artificial intelligence?

AI is the term we use to describe a computer which has been programmed to emulate human intelligence. Some artificial intelligence is pretty simple: think of the automated phone systems you get when you call customer support for many large companies. These programs can handle basic interactions and usually find whatever answer you need without having to connect you to a human. Other artificial intelligence is more complex, and can mimic or even outperform humans in certain tasks, such as playing chess or Jeopardy .

Who uses artificial intelligence?

Many companies are now building artificial intelligence into their products. According to Gartner Research, it was predicted that by 2020 artificial intelligence would be considered critical in 90 percent of disruptive digital business designs, and they been proven to be correct.

For social media, artificial intelligence is particularly valuable because it can scale up quickly to give you many quality posts with minimal effort on your part. Unlike a human social media manager, artificial intelligence doesn't get tired or distracted, and its work is consistent 24/7. AI can write posts for you automatically each day.

How to create an article idea and add content using Jasper AI

Jasper will come up with ideas for you to write about, and if you upgraded to Boss Mode, it will even write that content for you. But, before we get to far ahead of ourselves, let's start at the beginning; How to create content with Jasper AI.

Jasper has several templates and one of those templates is "Blog", and within that section you will find everything you need to create amazing content. There are currently 6 templates within the blog section to choose from; 1. Content Improver, 2. Blog Post Topic Ideas, 3. Blog Post Outline, 4. Blog Post Intro Paragraph, 5. Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph, and my favorite is 6. SEO – Blog Posts – Title and Meta Descriptions.


Creating the Perfect Title with Jasper AI.

Using this article as an example, the first step to any create content is a great title.  So let Jasper come up with a unique title with all the SEO qualities, all you have to do is complete 5 quick steps (img 2).


  1. Add either your company/product name or the company/product name that your article is about.
  2. Give a brief description of what you want your article to be about.
  3. Add who this articles audience is.
  4. Add a tone of voice.
  5. Click the 'Generate AI Content' button.

(img 2)

Create a title with Jasper AI

Jasper came up with "How to Write Amazing Social Media Posts with Data", a totally unique title at the time. I tweaked it slightly, changing 'social media' to 'content posts' and 'Data' to Jasper AI'. I then searched Google and found no other article using that title either, so I decided to use that one.

Now we need to create content! Next step is to move on to the 'Blog Post Outline' template. I pasted the title in the appropriate section (#1 in image below) and then #2, added a 'tone of voice'. After clicking on the 'Generate AI Content' button Jasper handed me 5 bullet points to use for my article!

Jasper blog post outline

This literally took about 2 minutes to get to this point.

Now it is time to create some content. There are several ways of doing this within Jasper, but the one I am going to show you below is using the Jasper Boss Mode upgrade.

In the video below, I added a title (Bullet #1 in this case), added a brief description, a tone of voice and keywords… then clicked compose.

Watch the video to see what Jasper did!

Pretty amazing isn't it? Yes, it is amazing indeed. Jasper just created my blog post!

To complete this blog post, we will need an intro and conclusion paragraph, and Jasper can do that in seconds as well in 3 simple steps shown below.

Blog Posts Intro Paragraph

That was pretty simple, a copy and paste into my post, and then let's move on to the conclusion.

To population the conclusion paragraph: 1. copied and pasted some text from the beginning of my article, 2. added what I wanted in a call to action, 3. added a fun tone of voice.

Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph

But we are not quite done yet. In order to create a 100% complete post, I will need to create great Meta Descriptions that are SEO optimized so this article will really rank well rank well on Google. Once again, Jasper AI creates all this in 4 quick steps.

Blog Posts Intro Paragraph

And there you have it, a complete blog post written by artificial intelligence using Jasper AI.

So what are you waiting for? Try Jasper AI for free today! It’s the perfect tool to help you take your blog posts to the next level and start seeing better results from your content marketing efforts. And be sure to let us know how it goes — we’d love to hear about your success stories.

Oh, one last thing. If you are interested in how much Google appreciates AI, I will let the results speak for themeself….

top of Google

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