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Three Small Changes for Big SEO Results

When it comes to improving your brand’s search engine ranking, you might think that a lot of hard work and dedication is required. However, if you have already made steps towards improving SEO and seem to be hitting a wall at the moment, it could well be a...

Hotmail Facts & Features [INFOGRAPHIC]

The start of the internet revolution saw a series of useful tools make their way into our homes. Without a doubt, one of those tools was webmail. It completely revolutionized the way we send and receive messages. What used to take days and sometimes even...

How to Hire an SEO Agency

Being an owner of a digital marketing agency and working in-house at multiple agencies throughout my 15 year journey, I’ve gotten the question many times in a roundabout way. What does a good agency provide? What things do you look for? What types of deliverables...

Can SEO Knowledge Increase Your Profit?

Every new business must be visible on social media platforms since the most of the website traffic will come from there. In order to become recognizable and visited, your website should be designed well. Besides that, you should focus on Search Engine Optimization...

What Social Media Sites Should You Be Marketing On?

Is your company not participating on certain social media networks because you feel that it may not fit your businesses or products company demographics? You may want to take another look. Yesterday I suggested to a client that their Twitter followers were horrible,...

A Mix of Infographics and Social Media Content to Generate Leads

Social media platforms mainly use infographics to sell products and services. Even though many people visit the platforms for their personal needs first, it also provides avenues where relationships can be built.

SEO Fuel! It’s What Runs The Engine

What is SEO? It is short for, “Search Engine Optimization.” But in the online world it is so much more! It is the driving force that gives your brand, your organization, your name, your business its online presence.

Gmail’s Best Features [Infographic]

There’s no denying the impact Gmail has had on the web mail industry..As soon as Gmail came out,a ll of its competitors immediately started sweating.

Yahoo! Mail’s Best Features [Infographic]

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a Google/Gmail guy 100%. However, in every attempt to keep all my posts fair and balanced, here is one for our Yahoo fans! 

9 SEO Tips That Just Aren’t Good

Not everything you are told or hear about SEO and its techniques is correct or right. Many misconceptions about search engine optimization are all over the internet. This creates a lot of confusion about the correct SEO practices that will enable you to achieve results and the wrong practices that will just waste your time and other resources.

How to Get More Post Likes and Shares from My Website and Social Media

I was asked the question today, "How do I get more post likes and shares and followers from my websites and social media posts?" What a great question... in fact, in the Social Media world this would likely qualify as the Holy Grail of answers, however,...

Why Small Businesses are Migrating to the Cloud [slideshow]

The cloud is redefining the way small businesses do business. To learn more about why your business should use the cloud, check out this slideshow from Maryland Computer Service.   Cloud computing is using the Internet to deliver hardware and software...

The Ideal Social Media Management Tool to Manage Your Social Media Accounts

Schedule, auto-post from RSS Feeds, an image editor, compose recurring posts, and do so much more with this free social media management tool!

How to Get a Free WordPress SSL Certificate with Bluehost

Want a free WordPress SSL Certificate for your website? This article will show you how, but also cover several other security features that are free for your WordPress site to prevent hacks and other malware issues.

5 Things You Need to Know About Social Media and SEO to Boost Sales

The steady rise of content and the algorithm of Google have come together to assist the SEO field in evolving over the years. One thing that is becoming clear is that agencies and companies are placing increased importance on social platforms when thinking about their SEO strategy.

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