Hidden Costs of Mobile Application Development

If you are planning to make an iOS app, you will also need to create another version for android tablet application development. In addition to the basic version for smartphones, the company must create a version of the application for tablets.

AMP For Email: The New Kid On The Block

AMP is the new kid that is going to take over the block as we were long expecting technological advances that would bring our emails near to stand-alone webpage experience. It may take a while to mature, but it will surely redefine email marketing in the future.

8 Tips To Creating A Mobile-Friendly Website

If your mobile visitors presently don't have a decent encounter when they arrive on your site, you're heading out an immense bit of your potential traffic (and harming your search engine rankings in the process). Here are the tips for mobile-friendly website developers for hire:

More Social Media Seen via Mobile Phone

Social Media has come along way, but the New World Social Media had better be mobile ready to keep up with the way marketers and promoters are using it. [Infographic- 2013]

Choosing the Right SMS Mobile Marketing Dashboard

This Company is Out of Business Back in 2011, I got involved with what I thought was the next thing in text message marketing… and they were. Unfortunately, bad management caused its demise. I wish I could refer you to another one like this, but it all left a...

Mobile Stats Showing Signs of Things to Come.

Tweet this stat. "It takes 26 hours for the average person to report a lost wallet. It takes 68 minutes for them to report a lost phone. "Mobile usage shows signs of things to come. Mobile usage is changing the way everyone from advertisers to mobile phone users think...

Mobile Friendly Websites vs Non-Mobile Friendly Web Sites

The most recent research from Google found that 61 percent of mobile users will simply “move on” or abandon the site if they encounter a non-mobile-friendly user experience. Making your your website mobile ready is now a must. Some of the stats coming in from mobile...

Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

If your website is not taking advantage of the mobile boom, some of the statistics about what is down the road regarding the amount of people that are and will be viewing your website(s) from a mobile device should be frightening. If you are mobile ready, then you...

Mobile Marketing Today Exceeds Online Marketing

The use of online marketing is still quite effective, but is nothing like what’s happening in the world of mobile marketing. Explore this method of connecting with your customer base and others. The use of marketing for mobile devices is growing by leaps and bounds....

Different Forms of QR Code Marketing For Mobile

Looking for unique ideas for QR code marketing? In 2012 when this article was first posted, QR code marketing was brand new. It tool a little while to catch on, much to the credit of Covid-19. Here are a few other methods and ideas to jump start your QR code marketing efforts.

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