Social Media Optimization

SMO (Social Media Optimization) means optimization of a website for social networks. In other words, it is a set of activities that need to be carried out on the site to advance in social networks. People often compare SMO to SEO (website optimization for search engines). However, these methods of promotion have significant differences.

5 Social Media Practices That Boost SEO

If you visit and key in your site’s URL, you will get several important social media metrics. The metrics show your performance on some of the leading social media sites today. Interestingly, there is a lot of debate on whether such metrics help your SEO performance.

What Social Media Sites Should You Be Marketing On?

Is your company not participating on certain social media networks because you feel that it may not fit your businesses or products company demographics? You may want to take another look. Yesterday I suggested to a client that their Twitter followers were horrible,...

Get More Likes and Shares from Websites and Social Media

Regardless of the social media site you are using, you are going to have 4 major types of social media activity that is most typical from people that find you. Each one of these listed below and they all have a different strategy, so understanding the differences is important.

7 Social Media Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

Are you an entrepreneur who has just got started in the world of online business? If so, this is for you! For any startup or any new entrepreneur, the budget becomes an important factor in its marketing, growth, and survival strategy. Here are Social Media tools every entrepreneur should know about.

The Laws of Social Media Marketing

In this time and age where an industry's potential target audience is perpetually connected to the Internet, it would not only be wise but apt to take their advertising endeavors online. However, it is not only enough for a business to take their marketing ventures to...

Top 3 On Point Lessons From Successful Marketers

Each marketer has their fair share of stories to tell. What is it like to be a successful marketer? If there is any advice marketers could give to the aspiring marketers, what do you think the top advice would be?

Social Media Marketing All-in-One, Book + DVD Bundle

**NEW** This book DVD bundle will give you everything you need to learn social media marketing. The world of social media is ever evolving and you certainly don't want to be left back in the cyber dust! This book-and-DVD combo provides you with everything you need to...

SEO is Not Dead, it's Changed its Identity

Talk with any professional expert in SEO and you will quickly find they rarely just spend time optimizing a site for a Search Engine.   In fact, most people who started out as SEO experts have now morphed their SEO services to cover the full spectrum of content...

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