10 Tips on How to Write Unique Articles

Content is the most important to-do when developing a website or blog. This is the thing that determines whether people will fall in love with your website or not. If your content is not useful to your visitors, they will definitely not gonna visit again or follow you and it will make your sites fall.

5 Strategies for Writing Content to Build Your Web Audience

Very few businesses in the United States today don’t rely on the internet for at least part of their advertising. Even primarily brick and mortar businesses, like restaurants, often have a website they use to help them connect to their patrons.  Guest Post by Mark...

5 Tips On How To Properly Optimize Your URLs

There is a lot of confusing out there about how to properly optimize your URLs so that search engines can easily index and rank the pages. Well to help clear a few things up, we are going to be going over 5 tips to include in your URLs. Guest post by Ness Garcia: The...

The 8 Parts of Writing an Effective Blog Post

Writing an effective blog post for the human visitor and the Search Engines is far from rocket science, but at the same time, there is a pattern you should follow. Here are the SEO-Alien's 8 parts to writing better, more engaging blog posts that will help the human visitor as well as the Search Engines.

The Best Sites to Syndicate Blog Articles

If you are a blogger and looking to syndicate your content out to as many people as possible, there is no doubt that social media websites are the way to go. Challenge is, there are so many Social Media & Social Bookmarking sites available, it would take you...

How to Get More Shares and Likes with Articles

Writing good articles on your WordPress page is always a good practice for getting to the top of the Search Engines, but in order to get the most out of those articles, give people a chance to share them by using the Digg Digg plugin by Buffer for WordPress! Wanting...

Create Articles For Search and Share

Their are several methods that will get you to the top of the Search Engines, but one of the simplest, most effective ways to get your marketing on the first page for popular, competitive searches is by using article marketing. However, their are a few things you can...

How to Submit an Article In WordPress for SEO

Simply submitting an article to WordPress does not guarantee that it will get to the top of the Search Engines. There are a few things you will have to do to your WordPress blog to be sure it is "SEO" ready.

Article Writing Tips and Ideas For Your Blog

Writing blog posts and information for your website isn’t difficult at first. That will wear off, however, and you may experiencing a writer’s block of sorts? You need to post interesting things for your readers to stay interested in, but you’ve run out of ideas? Here are some tips.

Has Your Page Been Blocked By Google?

Recently there has been a move by Google to block sites with low reader experience factors. This move is designed to enhance the reader experience when they use Google Search.

Blogging and Social Media Requires Commitment

Creating a blog or a social page for your business is a great and timely idea. It is indeed a wonderful way to generate interest and drive traffic to your website, which in turn should generate money and that’s why we do what we do. Readers will find you if you post interesting little remarks and information filled blogs, but beware.

Quality vs Quantity For Blog Posts and Search Engines

How often do you have to post to your Blog to help get your website to the top of the Search Engines and keep it there? The answer that we have always given to this one is quality of the post, not frequency. Learn more from Matt Cutts.

How to Write Articles that Get to the Top of Google

Whether you are posting on your blog or on any other article site, here are some important tips on how to write articles that get to the top of Goggle. There is a bit more to posting and article than simply pasting into your blog or article site than just pasting it and hitting submit

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