Quizzes and polls are an exciting way to generate fan interest, to keep them engaged with your brand, and to promote a feeling of excitement on social media.

8 Pro Tips To Create Engaging Quizzes and Polls

But quiz making isn't easy – Some quiz makers have found success, while many others have been left scratching their heads as fans never take the quiz or give up halfway through it. So why do some quiz makers succeed and others fail?

The answer is simple – quiz makers who have a clear understanding of quiz psychology have been able to create quizzes that engage their audience. Learning quiz psychology can be complex, but these 8 tips will give you a head start:

1. Start with a question

People ask questions for many reasons: to learn, to understand and even to laugh. The key is knowing why you're asking a quiz question and how best to engage your audience with it. Do you want them to learn something new? Then quiz them on their existing knowledge or quiz them about familiar topics using quiz questions like: How many US states are there? Which element is the building block of life? How many bones are in the human foot?

If you want to quiz people for fun and entertainment, quiz them on their opinions or quiz them about moments that can evoke humor. For example: Who is your favorite superhero? What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you during a date?

2. Keep it simple

Like all quiz questions, your quiz questions should be as simple as possible. Try to limit it to one question per quiz and try to keep the quiz short – the longer it takes for people to complete, the more likely they'll drop off. You could also use emoji poll like Write Something's quiz :

3. Use pictures

While it is important to quiz people on what you want them to remember, it's also important to quiz them on things that they'll be familiar with. In other words, quiz questions should be as simple as possible and quiz answers should contain items that your audience will easily recognize or understand.

In addition to text quiz questions, visual quiz questions are equally important because they give quiz takers information, but also context. For example, if you're quizzing people on Harry Potter to quiz them on their knowledge of the novels and movies, what will help quiz takers better remember Harry Potter than a photo of Harry?


4. Use multiple choice quiz questions sparingly

If you want quiz takers to remember quiz answers, then multiple choice quiz questions are the least successful quiz question type. Only use them after you've exhausted every other quiz question type because they're harder for people to answer and tend to be less memorable than fill in the blank quiz questions or descriptive quiz questions.

5. Go beyond surface knowledge

If you want your audience to remember quiz answers, quiz questions should be designed to quiz them on more than just surface knowledge. These types of quiz questions go beyond basic recall and quiz takers can better associate quiz answers with real world experiences. For example: which is the only continent without reptiles?

6. Ask opinion based quiz questions

Opinion based quiz questions test quiz takers' existing knowledge and quiz their opinions on a variety of topics. Opinion based quiz questions usually work best when quiz makers ask them in a fun or humorous way – quiz makers can use quiz question formats like multiple choice quiz questions, fill in the blank quiz questions, link/image/video quiz questions, etc.

7. Keep your quiz questions short

As mentioned earlier, quiz makers need to be mindful of quiz takers' time. If quiz takers are spending too much time answering quiz questions, they'll lose interest and stop playing or abandon the quiz entirely. This is why quiz questions should be kept simple, not only for quiz takers, but also for quiz makers themselves.

8. Use Artificial Intelligence to Create Better Quiz or Poll Questions

Yep, artificial intelligence. Simply put, AI will create better quiz or poll questions than you. Here is why.

One of the main reasons quiz questions fail is that they are not engaging enough. To avoid wasting time on quiz questions that will not engage anyone, quiz questions should be interesting. One way to help save you time and get you the best results is by using artificial intelligence to generate more engaging questions.

Jasper.AI makes it simple to create fun and entertaining quiz or poll questions for any subject! Here is how it is done…

    • Type your Topic.
    • Add your Audience
    • Use a Tone of Voice. (Some examples include: Witty, friendly, angry, polite, professional, etc.)

Below are 2 examples that were both made using Jasper.AI.  [click image to enlarge]

Quiz Question:

  • Topic: Star Wars
  • Audience: Movie Fans
  • Tone of Voice: Suspenseful

Poll Question:

  • Topic: Dumpsters
  • Audience: Construction
  • Tone of Voice: Casual
Dumpster Poll Question

Create Quiz and Poll Questions with Jasper Artificial Intelligence!

Have fun creating more engaging quiz questions and polls with Jasper.AI! And don't forget to share them via social media!

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