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  • Author Bio with links to your social media sites (If provided).
  • 2 'do-follow' hyperlinks in the article, and one in the Author Bio (Total 3)
  • We prefer no links in the first 1/4 of article.

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When you submit your article to us, we want your experience to be nothing short of positive. That's why each article published comes backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if for any reason the work isn't up to par within 5 days after being posted online, just let our team know and we'll do whatever it takes to make things right!

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Guest Author on the SEO-Alien
Click Here for Article Standards Guidelines
  • .We do not accept articles from those who are solely marketers, meaning: you must have an online bio with a link to a valid company/product website. (please include a complete article bio).
  • Must be original content,  (never previously published).
  • Minimum of 650 words. (Exceptions for infographics and similar types of posts).
  • Author Bio with links to your social media sites will only be added if provided, If no bio is included, the authorship may be attributed to the SEO-Alien. This is not guaranteed.
  • 2 'do-follow' hyperlinks in the article, and one in the Author Bio (Total 3)
  • We strongly encourage no links within the first 1/4 of article.
  • We DO NOT accept links to http:// [Non SSL] websites or images. (We reserve the right to remove/edit or relocate any link with the first 1/4 of the article.
  • The content has to be Online Social Media Marketing/Search Engine Marketing/Website/WordPress/Online Marketing related.
  • The article must contain useful, easy to understand information that provides a benefit to our readers and followers.
  • We do not accept images from unknown sources, unless they are screen shots that pertain to a tutorial of the article, (if necessary). Any images must include links from copyright free image sources, or you must provide proof you are the owner of the image(s).
  • If provided, the featured image size (the image shared on social sites when the article is shared) must be 1200px wide x 628px tall .jpg or .png. If no featured image is provided, we will create one that relates with the article.
  • We have the right to refuse any article and would provide a 100% money back guarantee and or ask you to edit the article to meet out standards:
Click Here for Terms
  • If any backlink is not live for 72 hours, the link may be removed.
  • For paid post links ONLY: Live links will be guaranteed for 1 yr. from publication date.
  • The SEO-Alien includes our own marketing banners/affiliate advertising. (Mostly sidebar)
  • The SEO-Alien reserves the right to edit and/or remove any post at our own discretion after 1 yr. of publication.
  • Plagiarism will not be accepted in any form.
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Reseller Article Pricing

3 articles

10% off for – $72.45 total = &22.75/article

My guarantee*: 2 articles posted with 48 hrs. (approx. 24 hours: completed within 2 days).

5 articles

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My guarantee*:  1 article posted every 48 hrs. (approx. 24 hours apart: completed within 3 days).

10 articles

20% off for 10 articles or more. – $200 total = $20.00/article:

My guarantee* 1 article posted every 48 hours: (approx. 24 hours apart:: completed within 6 days).

Max is 10 articles per order.

Terms. You provide the article to meet our standards and guidelines and we will post as described above


I will always fix anything that I may have done by accident for no charge, but any other corrections will be handled on a has it happens basis. Typically I would have no problems correcting something, but if corrections or edits get too carried way, extra fees may apply

*My guarantee is pretty solid, excluding personal or family emergencies I will typically complete hours sooner than detailed above.

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