Promoting a Sense of Community in Social Media

The sense of community felt by your customers in your Social Media outlets is important to maintaining their loyalty to your brand. Using Social Media to promote your business is definitely going to get you noticed. One additional way to not only get your business...

Who Is Controlling Your Social Media Output?

With everybody and his brother carrying a Smartphone and with access to the internet and social media, who is minding the electronic information store? Do you really know what is being said and by whom at every minute of the day?

Tips to Getting Targeted Social Media Traffic

Demographics are important to consider when building your profile on a social network page. Target specific markets for best results and to save time for networking with business-building visitors. Don’t get this wrong. Traffic is what you want to boost your...

6 Tips From the Most Successful Bloggers

Maintaining a good and readable blog will take some self discipline to keep it fresh, interesting, and timely. Here are the top 6 things we have noticed about and from successful bloggers

How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Fans

Though Twitter is a Micro-blog, Twitter is Social Media. There is a major difference between having a Twitter page and using your Twitter page to grow fans and followers. If you have a Twitter page and you feel it is not working for you, ask yourself one question;...

B2B Marketing with Social Media

​Using Social Media to market your products to other businesses is now the ad vehicle of choice for most businesses worldwide. It’s cost effective and the ROI makes it a popular way to network. It's time that everyone accepts the day of Social Media arrived and it's...

Can You Really Use Social Media for SEO?

Yes, Social Media can be used for SEO, but your Social Media Platform has to be created correctly from the start and you must have a plan! Having a good Social Media Manager that understands SEO may be just what you need. When we are out and about talking to new...

Measuring Your Social Media Success

Using social media to advertise your business is the way to do things these days. It is a vast world out there, though, and you’ll need to find some way of measuring your success. It’s just like doing business without social media. You always need to know what...

Twitter Has Come a Long Way in Five Years

Using Twitter can get you a great deal of social media attention, as those who use it tend to use all of the other Social Media formats as well. Twitter users are generally pretty darn good at ‘spreading the word.

Social Media Marketing Needs a Plan

Just like any other aspect of business, you can be sure that your social media marketing campaign needs to be organized and planned. Marketing, especially, must be planned, researched, and the results tracked.

Three Important Ideas for the Social Media Newbie

Being new to social media can be quite overwhelming. Follow a few good tips for best practices and you’ll be a pro in no time. When it comes to social media it appears that anything goes. If you are new to the social media world you could be easily led astray by bad...

How Good Are Backlinks From Article Sites?

Article directories were a good way for webmasters to promote their websites. Article and Web Directory submissions with high Pageranks ultimately helped your site by increase exposure and traffic and Pagerank because of a backlink from a another site with a high Pagerank….. years ago.

Should Facebook Stop Feeding Tweets to Facebook?

Are you tweeting your tweets to Facebook? If you are you may want to consider some of the downsides of using any RSS feed into your Facebook Posts. Prevent Sending Friends Steady Streams of Twitter Sewage. Most business are instructed by some "speaker" or "trainer" to...

Why People Fail at Social Media Marketing

Social Media and Social Media Marketing. Why everyone should be doing it and why some will fail at it, even though with social media marketing there are so many more things you can do right than you can do wrong.

How to Report Blog Spammers

No matter what blog platform you are using, Spam is one of the biggest complaints we get from Bloggers everywhere. Here is a great way to stop and report Spam.

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