No matter what blog platform you are using, Spam is one of the biggest complaints we get from Bloggers everywhere.

Here is a great way to stop and report Spam.

Submitting tools that are designed to automate posting to blog comments. forums, even Facebook walls are generally taken as and most likely to be SPAM. 

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But it is not only Facebook anymore, now comment spammers are flooding WordPress comments.

The spam comments are mostly posted in off topic posts, having nothing to do with the post.

One of the main reasons of them doing this is not only for the possible backlink but also for you to click it and view their offer. The developers and people that use their are auto-submitting programs are typically wearing a big Black Hat.

Try to avoid Auto- Submitting Programs, they can give you a really bad reputation online. Another bad situation that could happen is with your Social Media Score. There are a few anti-spam tools that you should have installed in your WordPress Blog to prevent and report spam.

Stop Spam Comments with Askimet

Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. It keeps your site protected from spam even while you sleep. To get started:

  1. Install the Akismet Plugin if it is not already installed. Dashbaord->Plugins->Add New-> Search for "Akismet". Then click "Install"
  2. Click the "Activate" link
  3. Sign up for an Akismet API key.
  4. Go to your Akismet configuration page, and save your API key.

Stop Spam to Your Forum

If you host a forum, you will also see that you will have hundreds of Spammers that sign up for that as well. Here is an effective tool to stop Forum Spammers.

The Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin works by checking the IP address, email and user id of anyone who tries to register, login, or leave a comment. This effectively blocks spammers who try to register on blogs or leave spam. It checks a user's credentials against up to three databases: Stop Forum Spam,Project Honeypot, and BotScout.

  • Install the "Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin"
  • Dashbaord->Plugins->Add New-> Search for "Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin".
  • Click Install and then go to the application.
  • Follow the instructions to register and get your API Code.
  • Add the API code.
  • Click "Save Changes.
  • How to Report Blog Spammers

    The Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin is a nice feature that works with your comments after Akismet is installed. This will block any spammer (that is a reported as SPAM), who attempts to register on your Blog. If there is a spammer you would like to report, you can simply click the Report to SFS link that will take you to so you can report it as spam.

    Click this link to report comment spammers

    Add a Good Anti-Spam Comment Plugin.

    But would you not agree that the best things to do is block the spam comments before they become an issue?  Yes, yes it would.

    This is why I came back to this post almost 10 years later from the original post date. This plugin was not around in 2010 and it will do all the work. Install the Stop Spammers | Block Spam Users, Comments, and Emails Plugin, works like a charm.

    Read our review of the Stop Spammers plugin:

    Plugin to Stop WordPress Spam Comments and Emails


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