Though Twitter is a Micro-blog, Twitter is Social Media. There is a major difference between having a Twitter page and using your Twitter page to grow fans and followers.

If you have a Twitter page and you feel it is not working for you, ask yourself one question; "Are you using Twitter?". Just like any tool you have in the garage, if you're not using it, it doesn't do anything. Here are a few tips that you can use to help grow your fans, followers, re-tweeters, and tweeters that are considered 'influential'.

Set up Direct Messages to your Cell or e-Mail.

Twitter gives you options on how and what notifications you would like to receive from Twitter. Turning on all the notifications can become annoying, so we suggest that you set up that you receive Twitter Direct Messages so you can reply back to people that directly message you.

Setting up Twitters Direct Message Notifications From Your Twitter Settings, Adjust to Receive Direct Messages.

Why Set up Direct Messages? You will find that many direct messages are automated, they are sent out from sites like Socialoomph when you follow people and they follow you back. Even though they are automated, replying back to Direct Messages will filter out the 'real' people from the automated.

When you get a Direct Message, reply back with something like "Thanks! check us out at ( and if you like what you see, follow us on Facebook!" You will be amazed at how many people reply back and these are typically the people that are going to be top influencers on Twitter.

Re-Tweet, Mention or #SHOUTOUT

We recommend one of two tools, (or both) to track who tweets and mentions you. Hootsuite or Addthis. Both these tools allow you to Re-Tweet, Mention or #SHOUTOUT those who deserve it. Those who you mention should be the ones that are doing the same for you.

Using these tools will allow you to login to your account and then take a few minutes to thank the people that are sharing your information. What you will discover is many of these tweeters will start to mention you, re-tweet you and start following you because they see that you are for real as well.

This only takes a few minutes a day and it only works when you use Twitter, not just have Twitter.

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