Getting More Targeted Traffic Using Social MediaDemographics are important to consider when building your profile on a social network page. Target specific markets for best results and to save time for networking with business-building visitors.

Don’t get this wrong. Traffic is what you want to boost your popularity when you put your business on a social network site. The traffic you really want, though, is of a particular demographic. The wrong kind of random viewer will show up, then disappear just as quickly if it’s not an interesting site within his or her interest range.

Knowing the demographics of who you want to land on your page and stay for more is most important. You need to attract those that will actually be interested in what you have to offer or what your blog says. Having large volumes of viewers to your page might look great when you see your numbers, but managing large numbers of disinterested ‘friends’ will simply waste your time.

Since time management on the social networks is important, narrow your traffic to those who would be the most beneficial to you. Instead of weeding out viewers and answering irrelevant queries or even pranks, you can be better spending your time in creating the kind of quality content that your real target audience would be happy to find on your page. You’ll also have more time to network with those that will help to grow your business.

The way to attract more appropriate viewers to your page is to know your demographics and build your profile to reflect what they would be interested in. The target demographics will include age, gender if appropriate to your business, and perhaps profession or field of interest depending on your offerings.

You can study the target demographics to see what makes them tick. What kind of sites do they click through on? What causes them to take proactive steps? What is their general attitude and what do they believe in?

Social Media Profiling

This is really called profiling. That may be a dirty word to some where certain instances are concerned, but it’s quite useful when putting together a profile for your business. Cater to what they like to read, see, and do. Tell stories that they would most likely be interested in reading.

Chances are if you are in a particular business, you already fit your own demographic. If you sell surfboards, for example, you are most likely a beach type dweller who enjoys the water and the more laid back lifestyle of typical surfers. You will know how to reach your own target market by reflecting your views.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to be so scattered in where you are creating your Social Media profiles that you are in the wrong area to attract followers that are interested in what you are offering. For example, if you do sell surfborads, you have no need  being listed in an antique directory. This is a result of using automated software or just not knowing the right techniques.

What is Your Social Media Fingerprint?

Having backlinks are still important, but having backlinks from RELATIVE locations to what you are promoting is even more important. If your "hanging out" with crowds that are not similar to your business interests, your more or less barking up the wrong tree.

Get in with the Right Crowd

You want to be around "infuencers" that have a high Social Score in your niche. Once you have created online relationships with these people and share their information to your followers, just watch, they will more than likely do the same. Once again, Social Media Marketing is not all about you, it's about sharing information that your followers will be interested in.

Linkedin has "groups" that you can join (at this time you can join a maximum of 50). You should find as many as you can that fit your niche and join the conversation and become the expert! Same is true with Facebook.

Another site that is becoming increasingly popular to share "relative" articles and news is Start your page and start sharing. If you have your own blog, mix in your articles, you will find it to be an excellent way to gain more targeted traffic.

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