Google Tools for WebmastersYes, Social Media can be used for SEO, but your Social Media Platform has to be created correctly from the start and you must have a plan! Having a good Social Media Manager that understands SEO may be just what you need.

When we are out and about talking to new businesses, we still here some that do not believe and/or will discredit the ability of Social Media and SEO campaigns to have any real effect on attracting viewers to your website. This may be a result of do it yourself ad campaigns or because many 'pop up' companies out there make promises that they can’t possibly keep. Frustrated business owners with limited marketing dollars spend money on these campaigns that may not be properly formulated or run and are disappointed with the results, or lack thereof.

  • Social Media and SEO is quite effective when done correctly. All parts of the process must be executed or there will be little success.
  • The campaign must be based on information gathered and a reading of what competitors might be doing.
  • The planned posts to the website or social media must then be consistently posted and then monitored for effectiveness.
  • Complex systems exist that tell SEO and Social Media Managers what works and what doesn’t so they are always tweaking and turning your plan and strategy this way and that.
  • The internet is constantly changing and one must keep up with the movement.
  • If your SEO campaign does include Social Media, you might want to try again using newfound information and a reputable professional SEO company that does it right.

Your campaign’s real success will depend on how well you and your chosen SMM & SEO professional run your scheduled entries and more importantly, what your competition may be up to. If the other businesses in your field run regular contests, make consistent blog entries, and provide lots of new information on a constant basis, you will need to keep up with them or surpass them to bring attention to your product or service.

When readers get used to seeing your new blog posts or articles, you must keep it going, don't stop! We see too many "do-it-your-selfers" that start and abandon. This will not make you look good if you haven't had a post in months or even weeks. It takes a little time to grow true followers and when you do, that is when your campaign will start to sing. (See our Top 8 Things You Can do to Kill your Social Media)

One of the biggest reasons campaigns don’t work is that posting drops off as the viewers start to get used to seeing them. If you can’t make the commitment or you find that it has become tedious or too much work, by all means, enlist the help of the professionals that have a Social Media Marketing experience and cane develop a plan that includes both your Social Media and your SEO. It’s what they do every day.

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