Using Twitter can get you a great deal of social media attention, as those who use it tend to use all of the other Social Media formats as well. They are generally good at ‘spreading the word.

Twitter Has Come a Long Way in Five Years

Using Tweets as communication has become mainstream and expected among those who are young, electronically connected, and creative. It is one of those kitchen table ideas that has grown into a company that could be sold today, just over five years after its inception, for somewhere in the neighborhood of eight to ten billion dollars. There has to be something useful about in some way if Google and Facebook would each be willing to pay such a huge price tag for it.

Since Google and Facebook are so interested in Twitter, you might think very seriously about getting on board if you haven’t already. This is a very real way to get your message across. It must be.

  • The largest percentage of Twitter users are in the highest income bracket.
  • About one third of those that Tweet make upwards of $100k per year.
  • The lowest percentage of users being in the $0 to $30k per year income bracket.

The demographics are quite interesting and don’t necessarily reflect what might be assumed to be the largest or most prolific user group. The largest group by age is not much of a surprise, as that covers the group most likely to have grown up with technology.

  • The 18-34 year age group comprises nearly half of all Twitter users with the next age group being 35-49 at 24%.
  • Nearly half of all Twitter users have no children, though ¾ of users are clearly within the standard common age group for bearing children.

With the income bracket leading the pack at over $100k per year, one might gather that this is a good way to network and quickly get your point across. Promoting your business or service can be done easily and quickly, with just a few well placed and well written Tweets per day going across the airwaves.

Twitter Users are Well Connected

The polls show that those who are most likely to use this form of social media are the ones who tend to use all of the other forms of social media as well. They are ultra connected as some might say. So it makes very good sense to get your message out there because if you catch a Twitterer’s attention, your blog post, picture, video, product, service, or whatever you want to promote could take off and become ‘viral.’


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