Social Media MarketingUsing social media to advertise your business is the way to do things these days. It is a vast world out there, though, and you’ll need to find some way of measuring your success.

It’s just like doing business without social media. You always need to know what marketing methods are getting you the best results. Which ones give you the best return on your marketing budget’s investment?

Attaining and Retaining Fans

Important things to know include how to attain and retain fans on your Facebook pages. What method do you use to get ‘fans’ and what are you paying someone to get them for you? How many of those fans do you need to turn one sale? If you need 100 sales per month to achieve your set goals, you must have enough fans to reach that goal. If it takes 1,000 fans to turn one sale, you’ll need 100,000 fans to reach your goal. This is quite simplified as an explanation of course, but it gives you an idea of what you need to know and why those numbers may be important.

You’ll also need to know what it cost you to get your 100,000 fans. If you paid someone to get them for you, and there are people out there that have made a new living doing just that, you’ll subtract that from your profit. It will be part of your investment in marketing.

These kinds of numbers are critical to your successful social media campaigns. Professional marketing experts can do this for you. You will have someone in your corner that understands how to attract attention in the social media arena. They should be able to tell you about your ROI where the specific campaigns are concerned.

The value of the average Facebook fan is estimated to be worth $9.56 per Fan
Source: SocialCode

There is great technology available that can analyze that data and break it down to exact keywords and phrases used in your marketing campaigns. Attracting attention to your business and website is the ultimate goal here, while making the best use of your marketing budget.

Social Media is Free,..but

While social media may be free, the art of drawing attention of potential buyers of your product is another story. Yes, the social pages, texts, tweets, and blog posts may be free, but making critical analysis of your methods is not. It’s important to know what’s working and what isn’t.

Most business owners are already busy with their product and development. It may be a good idea to hire a pro to track and analyze your ad campaigns for you.

Tools to Measure Your Social Media Marketing Success

  1. WordPress Statistics: This is available as a simple free plugin that is available for WordPress users to measure and compare your progress.
  2. Google Analytics: This is another free tool that provides a vast array of statistics. Now you will need to get the code from Google (just Google “Google Analytics” and apply) and once you have been provided the code, embed it in your blog.
  3. This tools measures statistics for your Twitter shortened links and displays elements such as:
    -Which countries are clicking on your shortened links on Twitter and the percentage
    -Which links on Twitter are getting the most clicks
  4. This is a simple tool that can provide basic statistics on your twitter follower growth.
  5. Facebook Insights: Facebook Insights provides Facebook page owners and Facebook platform developers with metrics around their content by understanding and analyzing trends within; User growth, User demographics, Consumption of content, Creation of content.
  6. Linkedin Search Results: Determine the number of times your Linkedin profile has appeared in a search via the “Who’s viewed my profile” section.

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