Are you looking to increase your reach and start engaging with your customers through email marketing but not sure how?

Look no further! In this post, we share our proven strategies for email marketing success that provide both novice as well as experienced marketers a useful guide in navigating the many facets of email strategy.

A Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing Success

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Whether it be determining what content to include or deciding on an effective call-to-action (CTA), these 5 ‘do's' and 5 ‘don'ts’ from SEO Alien will give you the confidence boost you need to get started on taking advantage of email marketing today.

5 Email Marketing ‘Do's'

1. Do Research Your Audience – Know what they’re interested in, how they like to receive emails, and how often

Email marketing is a great tool for connecting with your audience and building relationships. At the core of any successful email marketing strategy is the need to do research to understand what your audience is interested in, how they like to receive emails, and how often they'd like to receive them. Knowing these details will help you craft well-tailored email messages that reach out with relevant content, at an ideal frequency for your subscribers. Taking the time upfront to get familiar with your target audiences preferences can pay off down the line in terms of email engagement, increased clicks and conversions as well as better brand familiarity.

2. Do Create Targeted Campaigns– Personalize emails based on user data and segment lists for better results

Creating targeted campaigns is a great way to show your audience that you understand their individual needs and preferences, while also increasing the efficiency of your email campaigns. By gathering user data, you can create a personalized experience for each customer that provides relevant offers and content. Additionally, segmenting your lists into smaller subsections based on certain demographics or buying behaviors helps to refine the quality of your message and create more appealing materials that customers are sure to pay attention to. Crafting effective and tailored campaigns is key to success in any email marketing endeavor, so create targeted campaigns today for better results tomorrow!

3. Do Track Performance – Use metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribes to measure success and adjust accordingly

Tracking performance is key to understanding the success of any marketing campaign. By utilizing metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribes, you can track the effectiveness of your efforts to determine what is working and what needs to be adjusted. This data can provide valuable insights into not only which campaigns are successful but also address any underlying issues that may be impacting performance. With this type of in-depth analysis, you can ensure maximum success for every campaign.

4. Do Include Visuals – Utilize visuals to make emails attractive and engaging

Including visuals such as images, videos, and gifs can be a great way to make your emails more attractive and engaging. Images are eye-catching and can draw attention to certain parts of the email while also providing additional context for readers who may not have enough time or interest to read large blocks of text. Videos are even more effective in driving engagement and creating a unique experience for customers. Additionally, utilizing animations such as GIFs can add an extra layer of fun that’ll keep customers engaged throughout their entire email journey.

5. Do Monitor Quality Assurance– Test campaigns pre-send using A/B testing methods

Last but certainly not least, quality assurance is an essential part of any email marketing strategy. It’s important to ensure that all campaigns are tested and optimized for the best possible results prior to sending them out. A/B testing can help you refine the overall look, feel, and messaging of your emails so that they perform better when received by customers. Additionally, testing allows you to correct any underlying issues with coding or formatting before it gets sent out to your entire list which can save you time and money in the long run.

5 Email Marketing ‘Don'ts'

1. Don’t Use Spammy Words – Avoid words that could trigger spam filters

One of the cardinal sins of email marketing is using words that could trigger a spam filter. Spam filters are constantly on the lookout for words that could indicate an unsolicited or promotional email, so be sure to avoid words such as “discount”, “free”, or “guarantee” when creating your campaigns. Additionally, be sure to check for any typos or misspellings that could also trigger a spam filter before sending out any messages.

2. Don't Send Too Many Emails – Balance frequency with quality content so as to not overwhelm your readers

Sending too many emails can be overwhelming for your readers. It’s important to balance the frequency of your emails with content that offers value and is relevant to your recipients. Keeping messages concise, while providing useful information tailored to the interests of your readers will establish a sense of trust, creating an ongoing dialogue and turning followers into customers. As well as creating quality content that resonates, it's wise to analyze the clickthrough rate for each message and track the responses so you know what works best for your audience and continues to keep them interested in what you have to offer.

3. Don't Ignore Mobile Viewers – Ensure email designs are optimized for mobile devices

Mobile devices have quickly become the go-to device for accessing emails, yet many businesses overlook mobile email optimization. It's essential that mobile emails are designed to be readable and engaging on mobile devices, so they don't just appear as a web page that requires zooming in and scrolling. Clever mobile design considers the smaller screen size of mobile phones and provides simple solutions like one-column layouts that allow users to easily access the content. Appealing mobile friendly designs will also help encourage user engagement and increase open/click rates for increased business success. Ignoring mobile viewers is a mistake – make sure to take mobile into consideration when designing your emails!

4. Don't Neglect Subject Line – Create creative and engaging subject lines

The subject line of your email should be creative and eye-catching so that it stands out in an inbox. Crafting compelling subject lines that catch the attention of your readers is key to improving open rates and enticing them to click through. Utilize personalization techniques such as adding a recipient's name or including specific details relevant to the reader’s interests, allowing you to build relationships with your customers while also driving engagement.

5. Don't Forget to Follow-up – Automate follow-ups and post-purchase emails

Following up with customers is essential in email marketing. Establishing a relationship of two-way communication is something that all marketers should aim for, so make sure you are taking the time to follow up any unanswered emails or inquiries. Additionally, automated post-purchase emails can be used to promote customer retention and loyalty by thanking customers for their purchase, building trust and encouraging them to come back. By investing the time into personalization techniques such as adding product recommendations or links to new blog posts, you'll build a stronger connection with customers while also increasing the likelihood of future purchases.

Bonus! 121 examples of great calls to action in emails

Creating an effective call to action (CTA) for emails can be a great way to drive conversions and increase engagement. Here are 5 examples of great CTA's that people can use in emails:

    • "Sign Up Now"
    • "Learn More"
    • "Download Now"
    • "Shop Now"
    • "Subscribe Today"
    • "Book a Demo"
    • "Start Free Trial"
    • "Join Now"
    • "Get Started"
    • "Order Now"

View all of them from 121 Proven & Powerful Call-to-Action Phrases

In conclusion, when it comes to writing effective emails, it's important to keep in mind the potential pitfalls that can occur when crafting your campaigns. From avoiding spammy words and typos, to optimizing for mobile devices and including engaging subject lines – each detail matters.

By taking the time to consider each step of the email creation process, you can ensure that you are creating effective emails that will reach the right audience while also increasing open rates and generating more sales. Good luck!

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