How to Enable Theme File Editor in Defender Plugin

The Defender plugin is designed to help protect your website from unauthorized changes. Learn how to enable the Theme File Editor in Defender so you can make changes to your site's theme files safely and easily and then how to turn the Theme File Editor back off again.

Plugin to Stop WordPress Spam Comments and Emails

If you are getting WordPress spam comments you have several options, but we found a free stop WordPress spam comments plugin that will stop comment and email spam in its tracks. Check it out our review from here.

The Best Free WordPress Analytics Plugin for Traffic Stats

Anyone that owns a website loves to see their visitor analytics. Seeing things like what pages people land on, what location, what are the best performing posts and pages are some of the most desired data to see what is working, and what is not. So, what is the best free WordPress analytics plugin?

Best Strategy to Check and Fix Broken Backlinks

If your website has been around for any time at all, especially if you are frequently posting and/or accepting comments, there is a good chance you have some dead links. In this post we will discuss how to best check and fix broken URLS on your WordPress Website.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins You Need When Starting A Blog

For whatever reason you choose to start a blog it is most certainly a great creative outlet. As far as content is concerned, all you need to have is basic literacy (or at least half of it), but for running your blog, you will need a few helping hands or helpful tools. Here are the top 5 WordPress plugins you need when starting a blog.

Best Free Popup Builder Plugin for WordPress

If you are looking for an powerful, yet simple to use free Popup plugin for WordPress, look no further than Popup Builder. PopupBuilder has 28 extensions, including pop-ups for menu items and lead magnets. The premium version costs $39.95/year or you can download the...

The Best Caching Plugin Since 2015 by WordPress Experts

Make WordPress load fast in a few clicks. Recognized as the most powerful caching plugin by WordPress experts. Minimal Configuration, Immediate Results. Don’t waste your time struggling with complex plugin settings. WP Rocket launches upon activation.

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