If you are getting comment spam on your WordPress website, or even spam email you have several options, but we found a free stop comment spam plugin that will stop comment spam in its tracks, and blocks spam email as well.

Stop WordPress Spam Comments and Emails

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We started to get what I would call "mysterious comment spam" that was coming in at an alarming rate, but it should not have been.

Not only is this site protected by reCAPTCHA V3, we also have Akismet installed and it has protected this site from 291,334 spam comments since 2009, so why are we getting comment spam now?

akismet - Stop WordPress Spam

After installing this plugin, the spam comments stopped immediately. I am not sure how long it would have taken to figure this out if it wasn't for the Stop Spammers | Block Spam Users, Comments, and Emails plugin.

After installing it on the SEO-Alien site, we installed it on 2 other peoples sites that we knew of that were having similar spam comment issues. In fact, 1 was even worse, it was getting email spam also.

I should note that neither of these sites had akismet active on them, so they were the perfect sites to test this plugin on again.  So we installed the plugin to see what would happen.

Can't say it loud enough, it worked perfectly. Below are a few highlights of the plugin .

Why Install the Stop Spammers | Block Spam Users, Comments, and Emails WordPress Plugin?

Stop Spammers free options

All The Free Options

Other than the fact that this plugin says it does what is says it does, here are some more reasons why this plugin is worth instaling.

Protection Options: All options related to checking spam and logins. You can also block whole countries.

Allow Lists: Specify IP addresses always allowed without being checked and whitelist gateways such as PayPal.

Block Lists: Block specified IPs and emails and block comments with certain words and phrases that are often used by spammers.

Challenge & Block: Enable reCAPTCHA and notification options. You can give real users who trigger the spam defender a second chance.

Approve Requests: Review and approve or block users who were blocked and filled out the form requesting access to your site.

Web Services: Connect to StopForumSpam.com and other services for more sophisticated protection and the ability to report spam.

Cache: Shows the cache of recently detected events.

Log Report: Details the most recent events detected by Stop Spammers.

Diagnostics: Test an IP, email, or comment against all of the options to shed light about why an IP address might fail.

And yes, these features are all included in the free version. So, have you installed the Stop Spammers | Block Spam Users, Comments, and Emails plugin yet, or maybe you need a little more info? Let's go into details about a few of those options.

Block Known Spam Countries

You Can Block Countries

In the features you will Block Countries, but don't let this alarm you, this is not exactly how it sounds.

This is impressive, even with Wordfence this is a paid upgrade.

You may have heard John Mueller from Google advise site owners to be careful not to block traffic from an entire country because it could block Googlebot's from indexing your site. As much as that may be true, another issue is it can slow your website down.

Not to worry here. Stop Spam has you covered.

Blocking countries with this plugin only blocks the known spam blocks from those countries. Blocking residential ISPs in countries where spammers are quickly shut down is avoided. Blocking the US will not block Cox, Verizon, AT&T, etc. It will block hosting companies that send out spam that are located in the US.

Learn more from https://stopspammers.io/documentation/protection-options/#blockcountries

Akismet vs. Stop Spam

Akismet does a good job detecting spam and there really is no "vs." here, in fact one helps the other.

If Akismet catches a spammer, then the IP address should be added to the bad IP cache. Akismet will continue to block comment spam, but if there is a login or registration attempt from the same IP, it will be blocked.

In Summary

For everything this plugin can do, this is only a brief description on all this plugin can do and really does not give it all the credit it deserves.

I wish they had a referral program, because we would be pushing this one, but then again this is only more proof that we promote the good stuff whether it has an affiliate program or not.

So if you are having a challenge with comment spam or email spam, or maybe you want to stop WordPress spam comments and spam emails before they happen, go ahead and install the Stop Spammers | Block Spam Users, Comments, and Emails By Trumani today, and tell them a lil' blue alien sent ya. 😉


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