Evolution is the demand for survival on Earth. Darwin's theory implemented till now is that one who adapts to the changing circumstances and follows the latest trends always competes for survival in modern times. This quote is very much related to the innovations and evolutions happening in the fields of IT and software technology. Recent years have exploded with great bangs of advancement in Artificial Intelligence.

How can AI tools be part of improving your SEO practices

It seems to be impossible to have such huge technology this time, but it's possible this time with the help of artificial intelligence which enables computers and machines to use the human-like capabilities of problem-solving.  

With the enormous cycles of hype and innovation, AI reached the turning point with the launch of ChatGPT, a chatbot that provides you with the answers to your queries and sounds like providing you with human conversations. Many different tools like Fireflies, Quillbot, Synthesia, Blue Willow, and a huge list of such sites are now used by writers, marketers, and workers to facilitate themselves and enhance working speed and efficiency as they provide human-like results.

Due to its instant and usable results, AI and its tools have been a part of the discussion in every forum. Many writers and bloggers have written numerous articles on the beneficial aspects of AI. You have to use the sentence counter to estimate the length of such articles. For writers, I have become the complete niche to write on and then follow the guidelines to use AI to improve their writing.

About writing it is easy for a genuine writer with the habit of writing daily to pick up an idea to work or align the text according to the flow. Here the question arises then how is AI helping writers grow.? The simple answer is AI is not just confined to the ChatGPT; rather, it offers a complete list of tools writers can use to improve their SEO practices or content quality, the most demanding skills for writers on media platforms. Whether you have written the best quality article if it is not ranked on SEO or not follow the SEO strategies it has no worth.

SEO practices can be improved to a great extent using AI tools in the following different ways:

Keyword Search

Whenever there is a discussion about the optimized content, the key factor under discussion will be the keyword search. Right keywords in the content lead to the content ranking by the algorithms, finding your target audience and tailoring the needs according to the audience. Content without keywords can not drive more organic traffic. Due to this being the critical factor AI generated different tools to facilitate the creators in this context.

Before AI every creator had to go through the process of finding the right keywords manually but AI tools provide the same results in minimal time and vast analysis. These tools not only provide the relevant keyword suggestions, but also the keyword search volume, traffic estimation, word lack, and the new searchable keywords.  

The list of AI Tools for keyword search includes Ahrefs keyword explorer, Semrush keyword magic tool, Moz keyword explorer, Long Tail Pro, and many more.

Content Optimization 

The other feature AI can help to improve the SEO practice is content optimization. Content optimization Comprise the optimized titles and meta tags, tone and voice of the content, language of content, readability and clarity, etc

AI helps in improving all these features by analyzing the whole content, connecting it to the target audience, checking the tone and sentiments of the content and then providing helpful suggestions. As the rankings are based on human searches this human-like robot provides the same data before posting the content on the website to improve the quality and thus a boon in this way.  

WordLift, Content Blossom, Ahrefs, Moz, and Hemmingway Editor are some AI tools you can use for content optimization of your article.  

Backlink Analysis  

The next feature AI can nourish is Backlink Analysis. This analysis provides you the data about the traffic reaching your website through the linked profiles. Analyzing this feature helps you understand how to improve your backlink profile and thus increase the traffic.  

AI facilitates the writers by providing missing backlinks, competitor analysis, a list of backlink profiles, referring domains and authority score. Without AI all this data had to be collected manually and then the backlink strategy was compiled. AI has reduced this human effort and also minimized the time by providing analysis data in minimal time. 

Link Hunter, Link Whisper, Buzz Stream and Monitor Backlinks are some AI tools you can use to update your backlink strategy and thus increase the organic traffic on your website. 

Predictive Analysis

The next feature of discussion is the predictive analysis provided by the AI tools.  This analysis provides data about the engagement of your content, traffic of your website as well as conversion rates. All these parameters are helpful to update strategies as SEO is an ever-changing game. Relying on a single and outdated strategy might lead to a loss of your rank in search engines. 

Voice Optimization

Now the story leads you to voice optimization because with the advancement in technology, the search bars have provided the option to record voice for search purposes. All the sites are not voice optimized such that the search engine does not suggest their data in the answer to voice queries.

Using AI tools you can optimize your content to answer the voice queries and thus increase the website searches. The recommended AI tools for voice optimization are  Talktav, Voicea and Sonix. 


Artificial intelligence is the latest technology everyone must adopt to follow the latest trends and benefit from such incredible tools. AI tools have created such a greater revolution to provide ease in every field of life so thus for writers. Writers get the immense benefit of AI because it offers numerous tools to improve SEO practices in the current times as discussed in the article. Reading it complete you have got the idea of how AI Tools are helping in improving SEO practices. You can also use these tools to improve your content quality and rankings.


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