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One of the first questions we get when we talk about feeds is “What is a feed?”, so lets start there. Without getting to geeky on what a feed is, (you can search Wikipedia for that) the SEO Alien description of of feed is this.

SEO Aliens Review of

For the most part is a status update tool that sends your updates to a bunch of your list of blogging, microblogging and social bookmarking services like bebo, blogger, facebook, hi5, jaiku, linkedin, livejournal, myspace, pownce, tumblr and twitter and many others. But how well does it work when using it for search engine optimization purposes?

For a lot of people website SEO or search engine optimization, is some sort of automagic stuff that is done by techies and maybe, if they put a few years…

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If you are looking for a powerful way to create some extra “Google Juice” for your blogs,websites, videos, articles, etc, you need to be using feeds.

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