If you are using the Divi WordPress theme by Elegant Themes, one feature they offer is a 'Projects' section.

Similar to the 'categories', but the Divi Projects are completely separate from post categories and can be used better to sort.

This way, you have even more control.

How to change the Divi Projects URL

All WordPress sites have 'Posts', 'Pages' and 'Categories', but with the DIVI theme, you also have 'Projects'. Within the Project Builder you can add a new category or choose from existing ones, and this opens up a bunch of new options to display your products and/or services.

However, by default the url of your projects will all have YourDomainName.com/projects in the permalink. (this is assuming that you have your Permalink structure set up as YourDomainName.com/%category%/%postname%/).

A good example of this would be if you had a real estate rental properties and you wanted to display your available properties on your website, but you did not want to display the rented properties.

We could all agree that having 'projects' in the URL on a real estate website may not be best when displaying homes for rent, but by changing this URL it can now look like YourDomainName.com/project_category/rented/ and YourDomainName.com/project_category/for-rent/.

To set this up, you would create 2 projects, one for rented properties that we called 'Rented' for the houses you do not want to be visible on your website, and another project category for available properties that we have called 'For Rent'.

Now create a new Page called 'All-Properties'. (The URL will look like YourDomainName.com/all-properties/).

Using the Divi Builder, insert the 'Portfolio Module' in a new row and choose the 'For Rent' category. Now this page will display only the properties that you have listed in that category.

Setting it up this way will allow you to easily remove rented properties from your available properties by simply changing the category of a single property to the 'rented' category. (You could even turn on a "rented" sign inside that properties template before you switched categories).
Divi portfolio
Project Categories

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Again, there are several ways you could use this with any product(s) you sell on your website as well.

However, in order to accomplish this, it is best to create a Child theme first. If you have never created a Child theme, don't be scared, it is easier than it sounds.

Below are the steps to change the Divi Projects URL with a Child Theme.

Step 1: Create a Divi Child Theme.

Follow the New Method from Ultimate Guide to Creating a Divi Child Theme

Step 2: Change the Divi Projects URL-Permalink

From your cpanel (or in some cases you can go to Appearance -> Themes-> Theme Editor, from your WordPress dashboard) locate the functions.php file in /themes/Divi-child/

Copy the code below and paste it in the functions.php file:

function custom_post_name () {
return array(
'feeds' => true,
'slug' => 'project',
'with_front' => false,
add_filter( 'et_project_posttype_rewrite_args', 'custom_post_name' );

What your child themes funtions.php code should look like when completed.

projects url

.B) Change project to whatever would want to name the new URL to be, then save the file.
Go to the WordPress

C) From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Settings -> Permalinks then click the update button.

* I should add, in the Permalinks sections, be sure that you have your Permalink Custom Structure set up with the category in the URL or this will not work (correct example in image below).

category postname permalink structure

** Don't forget to refresh your permalinks in the WordPress dashboard (C) after you complete the above or it will not work.

If you cannot get it to work, be sure that your divi child theme is activated. Go to Appearance -> Themes in your admin dashboard, there you can see what theme is active, and all your other installed themes.


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