There are hundreds of things we can do to make our websites more visually appealing, adding a news ticker plugin may offer you one more unique feature to your website.

There are several things you can do with a news ticker that goes across the top of your website. With a news ticker you can;

  1. Feature Headlines
  2. Scroll Special Offers
  3. Company/Industry Updates
  4. Link to Featured Posts

These are only a few of the things you can do with a news ticker, but there are many more.

Having a news ticker that also allows you to link to a post/page is even better, and that is what the Ditty News Ticker can offer.

[ditty_news_ticker id=”13737″]

Ditty News Ticker is a multi-functional data display plugin. Easily add custom news tickers to your site either through shortcodes, direct functions, or in a custom Ditty News Ticker Widget.

There are 3 default ticker modes with the Ditty News Ticker.

  • Scroll Mode – Scroll the ticker data left, right, up or down
  • Rotate Mode – Rotate through the ticker data
  • List Mode – Display your ticker data in a list

It is as simple as installing the plugin, creating your news ticker and copying and pasting the short code into a widget or directly onto your page or post!

Happy tickering!

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