Managing a lot of PDF documents in the folder manually is quite a difficult task. Therefore, people go for other methods that can assist in compiling the files quickly.

The most preferred way for merging PDF files is by using Adobe acrobat. It is considered the safest and quickest way of sorting PDF documents on the device.

Merge PDF Files without Using Adobe Acrobat

However, there are some issues because of which people look for an alternative to adobe acrobat and want any other method for combining the files.

The reason is that it is compulsory to install the acrobat software on the device before merging the files. Secondly, it is a bit difficult to use this software without learning the working of this software.

Most importantly, this is paid software and people look for ways by which they can combine the files in the device.

Replacement of Adobe Acrobat for Merging PDF Files

If you look for other software for merging PDF files, they will have the same features as Adobe Acrobat. Also, most of the software/online tools you get for merging the files is paid.

So, the best alternative here is to get help from and combine all the PDF files online without installing it on the device.

The best thing about this online PDF combiner is that you can use it on any device no matter which operating system you are using.

This can be a big relief for you to manage your documents anywhere you want.

Moreover, you will not have to learn the working of online PDF merger before using it. That means you can easily combine all the files on your device and manage the folder quickly.

In the next section, we are going to talk about the top benefits that can be availed of online PDF mergers and make the working process easier.

Benefits of Online PDF Merger

No doubt, Adobe acrobat is a very handy software that can assist you in merging PDF files and managing the folder in the best way.

However, if we talk about the online PDF merger tool, you can get a lot of additional features that are not present in Adobe acrobat.

Here we are going to talk about the benefits that you can avail of using online PDF mergers.

· No installation needed

There is no need to install the online PDF merger on your device for combining the files. Just open the browser and upload the files here that you are looking to merge.

· Easy processing

The working process of an online PDF joiner is very simple. There is no need to learn the working of features for PDF combiner.

· Completely secure

You don’t have to register the account for merging the files in an online PDF merger. This element makes the tool a more secure and reliable option to consider for merging files.

· 100% free to use

All the features that you get in the PDF combiner tool are free to use. You don’t have to pay a single penny for joining the PDF documents here.

· Arrange files before merging

If the files you uploaded in the online PDF combiner are not sorted, you can arrange them and keep them all in a sequence by dragging them and changing their position.

· No restriction

There are no restrictions on merging PDF documents in an online PDF combiner. You can combine a lot of documents here in a single go.

· Use in multiple languages

People from all over the world can use an online PDF combiner and merge the files here. This is because the online PDF combiner supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, etc.

· Support heavy files

You can upload heavy documents in this online tool and merge them all quickly. The working speed of the online PDF combiner will remain the same even with heavy-size files.

· Browse files using multiple ways

This online tool allows you to browse files in multiple styles. You can import the documents from your computer, browse files from Dropbox, or Google Drive, or simply insert the link of documents.

Working on Online PDF Merger

Till now, we have discussed all the top features that you can get in online PDF mergers and make working easy.

In this section, we are going to tell you the procedure that you have to follow for combining the files. Let’s have a look at the working of this tool.

  • Go to your browser and look for the PDF merger tool there.
  • Open the tool on your device and here you will see the option for browsing the documents.
  • You can import the files in your device using multiple ways, i.e. from a computer device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or link insertion.
  • Once you have uploaded the documents here, make sure that all the files are kept in a sequence. If not, you can rearrange the files by dragging them and setting their order.
  • Now, hit the download button and the files will be combined in your device in the next few seconds.
  • Once you are done with merging the files, hit the download button and save the new merged document in your system.


Adobe acrobat is considered one of the handiest options for combining PDF files. However, there are some issues because which people look for an alternative to the acrobat.

The most important among them is that you need to install acrobat on your device before getting all of its features.

So, here you get the best alternative in the form of an online PDF combiner that helps in combining the PDF documents quickly without any installation process.

Also, the working of the online tool is quite simple. That means you don’t have to learn the working of this tool before combining the files.

Here we have discussed all the features of online PDF joiner in detail so you can get an idea of how this tool is more effective than other ways of merging PDF files.


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