Blog posting strategy is the core of any content marketing strategy.

Having it in the right resonating with the target audience can help you with your goal of generating more traffic and leads for your business. It also helps in establishing thought leadership in your industry.

Make The Most Of Your Blog Posting Strategy

Your blog’s success highly depends on whether or not you’re delivering the content your audience is interested in. Your blogging strategy should be revolving around the topics that present you as a thought leader in your industry. The content that resonates with your target audience will lead to increased conversions.

Hence, it is essential to find out for whom you need to develop content. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Create reader personas and tailor the content to what they’re looking for
  • Develop various ways to identify what interests your audience the most
  • Monitor your existing and previous content to see what performs well and what not

Once you know your audience, define and create goals for your blog posting strategy. Make sure you define some smart goals like increasing the blog subscribers. Further, it is a must that you blog consistently. Establish a routine for posting blogs so that your readers will come and see your content on a schedule.

If you take breaks in between, you’ll fall into the risk of losing your audience, so stick to the publishing schedule. Blogging routinely will also help you with SEO because search engines prefer unique and fresh content. Aside from the increase in long-tail keywords you will see a decrease in your bounce rate with more time spent per visitor on your site.

How to extract more value from your blogging strategy?

Your current blog posting strategy can be great when it comes to frequency, but if your posts aren’t optimized, you won’t see your efforts turn into any new leads.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the primary thing for your blogging strategy. Although search engines prefer quality content, but if you’re not using the phrases people are looking for, your blog will not perform the way it should. There are many tools available to help you in the keyword research. Using more long tail keywords(3-4 words phrases) specific to your topic can also help your readers find your blog.


It is important to include internal, as well as external links in your blog posts to increase traffic and rankings as well as establish you as a leader in your industry. So, consider building an effective link building campaign to beef up your link profile.

Guest Posting

Creating a guest blogging campaign is really a great way to obtain backlinks to your site, which is very effective in terms of SEO. Guest blogging also helps in sharing your content with a larger audience, so it helps build brand awareness.

Content Promotion

To make your blog posts reach a larger audience, you need to share them across various social networking channels. Sending just one tweet about your new post may not work magic, there should be multiple messages scheduled per social media platform your organization is on.

Moreover, invite your employees to share the posts to even reach a bigger audience and send them the blog notifications so that they get an email when a new blog post is published.

Pay per click marketing services is also a great idea to help build your blog audience. Track and analyze which blog posts are performing well and which aren’t so that you can continuously improve.

Another great promotional idea is putting a quality blog series into a PDF for your sales team and sending it to the prospects.


It is very important to analyze your blogging strategy and your efforts to see how successful it has been. When it comes to your blog, there are many important measuring metrics available on the Internet, but the most important ones are traffic numbers and conversion rates. From there, you can tailor your content to what your audience wants to read about.

In short, extracting the most of your blogging strategy is achieved through careful research of reader personas, optimizing your posts, promoting through various channels, and learning from what has worked in the past and what hasn’t.

Following these steps, you will be on your way to a successful blog posting strategy that your readers are looking for the news and advice.


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