Nowadays, Facebook  most likely contains many more pictures than the pictures in our albums at home.

We all must agree! Our school time fun, farewell, fun with friends, time with our mate, family time or anything special.


All these moments get trapped in the form of an image and gets shared on Facebook.

Don't you wish you could have each and every picture that was clicked by you or your friends? Although you can have all the pictures taken by you, but downloading each and every picture from a friends album can be a tedious job.

Well!! PicNZip has just made it easier for you 🙂

Now you can download each and every picture using PicNZip that you always wanted from your friend's album easily. Download all the images that you have been tagged in. Now you can even download tagged videos!

Just follow the below steps and collect all your pictures before someone deletes them forever!!


  1. Visit PicNZip Official Website
  2. Login to Your Facebook Account via the Login Button at the Top of the Page.
  3. Let the Site Search for all the Required Data.
  4. You Can Get All Your Pictures from Facebook at one Place.
  5. Select the Albums that you Want to Download.
  6. Click on the Download Button and Select "Zip"
  7. Congratulations. Now You Can Save All your Important Pictures and
  8. Videos on your Disk for Offline Viewing!!

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