Creating a blog or a social page for your business is a great and timely idea. It is indeed a wonderful way to generate interest and drive traffic to your website, which in turn should generate money and that’s why we do what we do. Readers will find you if you post interesting little remarks and information filled blogs, but beware.

Blogging and Social Media

The readers that you attract to your pages will be looking for more. You will need to freshen up your site often to keep them coming back. If you have frequent posts, that’s great. If they were searching for what you have and took the time to read your blog in the first place, they most likely will be interested in learning more from you.

The trick is consistency and that’s where most people fall flat. It sounds like a terrific idea. You can blog about what you know and what your business is about. That will bring visitors to your site because if it’s in print, you must be an expert. That’s the psychology of the printed word. This is a great opportunity, especially if you are selling something.

Take hammers for instance. If you create a blog about hammers and everything about them, you’ll get interested people reading your blog. As they see that you write about hammers, if they need to order one online, they may order it from you, the hammer expert. That sounds simple enough and is a very simplified explanation of how it works.

Keep Your Social Media Rolling!

The downside to this is the commitment part. It’s very much like exercise. When you first start out posting articles to your Blog, you are gung ho! It doesn’t take long for the novelty to wear off and for you to lose interest. Just look at online sale sites and you’ll see a constant flow of used exercise equipment for sale.

Blogging and keeping up with your posts is hard and almost becomes a part time job, but it's a necessary if you want your readers to come back to see what’s new. You have to make sure there’s something there. Don’t worry about building up too many pieces of information, as that can be stored as archives. Add links within your new articles to your older articles that may be relevant. For example, How to Write Article for Search Engine Optimization. This way you can refer readers to those archives to reference something more that has to do with the subject. This is a great way to reduce the "bounce" rate on your site and will keep your older articles active.

Whatever you do, once you start don’t stop. If you need to hire someone to blog post or tweet for you, do it. Keep up the momentum and make the most of your social media opportunity.

Happy Posting!


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