With all the different Email and eCommerce marketing software available, we were curious which one you felt was the best for your online marketing. So out of all the big ones like:

Which email provider do you use and/or would you recommend? Please take our Poll below!

When you are setting up an email marketing program and/or an affiliate program, be sure that you start out with the one that you are going use for as long as you promoting your business. So many people that we have spoken to have started out with one and then they realize that there may be a better system.

Problem here is once you have started to collect emails, it is very difficult to transfer those emails to another. In most cases you will have to have people re-sign up with your new ecommerce providor. This could result in loosing many subscribers, or having to use two or more systems which will take up even more of your time. So getting it right the first time is very important.

By giving us your opinion on this poll, you will be able to help other people make a solid decision that may be looking for an ecommerce marketing solution. Thanks again for your vote!

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