Search Engine Optimization has become essential for all businesses. Today, search engines have become an essential part of our life.

Top 7 Key Hacks to Improve Your Local SEO

When we go on a vacation to explore a new city in our country or abroad, we use search engines to look for our requirements be it accommodation, tourist attractions, transportation services, famous food joints, the list is endless. It is because of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. that we don't feel alien in a new country. Search engines have made the search for any kind of business highly convenient.

As per researchers, the chances of conversion of consumers conducting local search are quite high. A good businessman is one who doesn't miss a single opportunity of selling products/services to customers. Hence, giving equal importance to Local SEO is a must. Keeping your website updated, keeping it user-friendly, posting unique and informative content and creating backlinks are some of the major ranking factors.

Many local businesses overlook the importance of local SEO. Many of them don't even bother to have their own website, and even if they have, they follow the mantra of making it and forget it. SEO is a slow and continuous process.
Following some simple key hacks may help you in improving your Local SEO and increasing your website visibility and ranking in search engines.

1. Insert Relevant Keywords Across Multiple Listing

Increasing your business visibility via multiple listing is an important feature of local SEO. Finding the right local keywords is very important. Once you found the local keywords, insert it into your exclusive descriptions. Always post current photos on your web pages and also mention your business category. Once you are ready with your list, go for promotion.

Take reviews from users, reviews not only help in improving your search engine ranking but would also motivate visitors to take action accordingly. Visitors take customer reviews as one of an important measure to check the credibility of your product/services. You can ask for the customer for their reviews by using either or all of the following ways: in-person, E-mail or phone.

2. Optimize Title Tags with Local Keywords

To increase your local ranking on search engines, make optimum use of local keywords in your title tags. For example, if you sell wedding dresses in New York, then by having a title tag " wedding dress New York" the search engines would get signal that this title tag is directly tied to New York. Hence, this would help in increasing your visibility on search engines, especially based on the local geographic area.

3. Create Your Google My Business Profile

SEO is all about improving your website ranking on Google results. However, this is not the case in Google My Business and local SEO. When we search for any nearby or local business in Search Engines, the information which gets displayed on the screen about all the local business that fall in our search category actually comes from the respective businesses ‘Google My Business Profile' page. To increase your business visibility locally, focus on creating ‘Google My Business' pages. The pages are free. This will help you in improving your local SEO and would also create a platform to attract viewers to your website.

4. Optimize You Sites Content and Maintain Consistency

The most important thing that could help you win the trust of users would be your site content. Always post unique, high-quality and informative content on your website. In today's scenario quality of content holds importance for both visitors and search engines. Make your meta title relevant and attractive as the same title would be used by the various site while sharing your content. After the homepage, the next page that needs your attention is a contact page.

Make sure you post relevant information on this page including your business name, complete address, contact numbers, and your map location. Maintain consistency all across the websites. Post same business details on your website, review sites, social media pages, and local directories. Moreover, inconsistency about your business information may create a negative impact on your business, among the viewers.

5. Optimize Your Social Profiles

As Mike mentioned, Local SEO services aim at increasing your visibility and attract buyers on search engines as well as other social media platforms. Hence, it is very important that you share the same business information all across your social profiles. Make sure that your social media profile contains the following information:

· Store or business name
· Store address including state and the name of the city
· Contact details of your store or business
· Url of your website

Make sure that you list yourself as a local business, and this would enable interested buyers to check you based on your location. Even if you have created your social media profile, you still need to increase your exposure. Try to get more and more likes on your profile. This would increase your business visibility on social media search results

6. Go for High Quality, Relevant Links

Google's local search results have higher consideration for relevant and high-quality links. Make sure that the Local SEO services you opt for should have expertise in creating relevant links. Creating natural links is not that easy. However, if you are posting genuine and relevant information, then other websites would definitely like to connect to your site. More the links higher would be your visibility on the Search Engines

7. Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

Smartphones, tablets, I-phones, etc. have become the local guides for the users. These devices play a very important role in promoting local businesses. Most of the people search for a local or nearby shop or businesses while on their mobile phones while traveling or exploring. Hence, having a mobile presence would create new opportunities for your business. Hence creating a website which is also mobile-friendly could be a much better option. In fact, Google has also updated its search algorithms and included mobile- friendliness as major criteria. So, just Go Mobile and make consumers feel your local presence.

Establishing a successful business is not an easy job. It takes lots of hard work to beat the competition and earn profits. Making optimum use of Local SEO services you can increase your visibility on search engines and attract customers at the local level.


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