Which is better; PPC, (pay-per-click), or organic results when it comes to ad campaigns?

PPC vs. Organic Search Engine Results… Each has its own set of positives and negatives and you’ll need to weigh each to make a good decision.

Pay Per Click VS Organic Results

The decision you make will depend on what you are trying to accomplish with your website, and how you want to appear in the Search Engines.

Organic Search Results

Organic search results campaigns don’t have any costs directly associated with them. Your site may actually have more exposure and therefore have additional traffic by using organic SEO.

The value in organic campaigns is that you will typically pay an initial investment to get your SEO foundation set up just once and then typically a small monthly investment to keep it going. Then you’ll receive the benefits over a long term period of time.

The downside here is that it may take a little time to build up your traffic flow. It can take months for websites new to the internet to achieve the desired results.

A good SEO campaign can be seen as a solid and steady base for your advertising and it’s easy on your budget, but it won’t be necessarily a quick fix for traffic. You’ll pay ahead for a good marketing plan that grows your traffic exponentially.

Pay-per-Click Campaigns

For the keyphrase “car insurance quotes online” it could cost close to $60 per month!

Pay per Click costs for the keyphrase Car Insurance

PPC’s are very quick to get started, but they cost for every day you run the campaign. The calculations for your ROI can be easily tracked when you pay for advertising on PPC’s, while organic results are difficult to gauge as far as your investment in concerned.

PPC services like Yahoo, Bing, and Google provide easy to read tools for advertisers to track the campaigns run, and the statistics can be analyzed daily if you wish. This is good for watching how effective your advertising dollars are and changes to the campaigns can be made accordingly and easily.

Do you really need to choose between the two? Probably not. You can use a combination of both to drive traffic to your site. Use the PPC campaigns in conjunction with the organic campaign. The PPC will give you quick results with tracking for the use of your chosen keywords. You’ll be able to see which words and ads result in clicks and sales and which don’t.

The organic search results campaign will be a long term growth solution that could net you some very solid and steady viewers. The potential for growth here is solid, but it does take time. Therefore it might be wise to invest in a campaign that incorporates each.

Tool to use for Estimated Cost Per Click

Googles Keyword tool for pay-per-clickTo search for the estimated cost of pay-per-click campaigns on Google, use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Depending on what keywords you choose to drive traffic to your website, a SEO (search engine optimization) package may be more affordable, but if you choose to do pay-per-click be sure to set a limit on what you will spend in total clicks or you may get a bill that is way beyond you budget, just be safe when you start.


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