With SEO being 61% of marketer’s focal point when it comes to inbound marketing, it only makes sense to give it a try and make your website work better. But what does it take to increase traffic in your site and to make convertibles?

Make your site mobile-friendly

There are many ways on how to do it and one of them is by resolving technical SEO issues. It doesn’t matter if you have the best contents for your niche. You will surely lose your well-deserved web traffic if you do optimize your technical SEO.

What is Technical Search Engine Optimization?

Technical SEO is, in context, all optimization that does not include link building and content optimization. This involves the optimization of your website’s indexing, crawling, rendering, mobile, etc. Neil Patel agrees that this type of SEO can grow your traffic significantly. With a functional site, you can get the traffic you want and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. One can get this done with the help of an excellent SEO company.

Here are three ways on how you can instantly increase your website’s traffic with Technical SEO.

Make your site mobile-friendly

Mobile device traffic has about more than 52% shares according to Statista.This only means that more than half of website traffic comes from mobile users – which makes it a must for your website to be mobile-friendly.

Maximize your website’s speed

When it comes to websites, speed matters. Everyone is busy and won’t have the luxury of time when it comes to researching and browsing. So make sure your site won’t take much time to load. If yours is, unfortunately, taking too long to respond, Google algorithm will be able to pick this information up and put a penalty on your site.

To resolve such issue, make sure to optimize your site images by using compressed jpg images. Making use of Content Delivery Network or CDS can help you increase your site speed. Enabling compression also helps since up to 70% of your HTML and CSS files are reduced. Also, allow browser caching. This allows your site to keep some data on your visitor’s computer or mobile so that they won’t need to wait for your website to load every single time.

Make your page SSL Certified

An SSL or a Security Sockets Layer is a standard security protocol that lets you create a secure link between your visitor’s browser and your site. Why do you need an SSL Certificate for your website? Having one ensures all communication and data exchanged remains private and secured.

When your website visitors see that you have a secured website, you will gain their trust. Google considers an SSL certified webpage as a secure site and will prioritize your page in its SERPs more than those that are not SSL certified.

There you have it! These three are some of the most critical Technical SEO tips you need to increase your website traffic. Make sure to remember this list to keep your site healthy, your contents ranked higher and your page more successful than your competitors. What other SEO tips on the technical side would you recommend?

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