What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is one of the most popular digital marketing analysis tools used for preparing audit report, backlink analysis, URL rankings, competitive analysis and many more. It is used extensively for SEO analysis.

Apart from the SEO backlink analysis, for which it is well-known in the digital marketing field, it is also useful for keyword analysis and website rankings. AHREFS uses different SEO metrics to analyse and provide quantitative results for every website analysis done. About a year back, AHREFS also used to offer the free version.

But today, that is not the case anymore.

There are four plans for ahrefs account. ​The pricing listed on ahrefs.com website are:

  1. Lite – $99 per month
  2. Standard – $179 per month
  3. Advanced – $399 per month
  4. Agency – $999 per month —> we are providing this ahrefs agency account group buy for only $30

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6 Major Features that Ahrefs will Provide

1) Ahrefs  Competitive Analysis

Organic search report help your business analyze competitor search traffic and the exact keywords they rank for. Their Top Pages Report and Content Gap features show which pages and keywords send the most traffic.

2) Ahrefs Keyword Research

Ahrefs gives businesses thousands of keyword suggestions, and you can begin deciding which keywords to target based on the Keyword Difficulty Score they provide. Their Keyword Explorer shows annual search volume trends and gives insights into behavior.

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3) Ahrefs Backlink Research

Advanced reports and filters dig deep into the data Ahrefs provides. Placing any URL into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer will provide you with access to all of its backlinks and useful SEO metrics.

4) hrefs Content Research

Placing keywords into the Content Explorer shows the number of backlinks, which content has the most social buzz, and the organic search traffic.

5) Ahrefs Rank Tracking

Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker tracks keyword rankings from any location and graphs them. These ranking reports are automatically sent to your email.

6) Ahrefs Web Monitoring

Alerts will send notifications to you when you or your competitors win or lose backlinks. Alerts can be set up relating to your products, services, brands, or business.

Get Ahrefs Group Buy Account for Only $30/month

With Ahrefs, you don’t have to be an SEO pro to rank higher and get more traffic

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Benefit of Ahrefs

1) Ahrefs provides qualitative inputs for the organic search report

Through its site explorer tool, AHREFS analysis your website holistically and come up with details that gives you a complete picture of what needs to be done to improve your site’s visibility and ranking in all the search results.

AHREFS tool is very helpful in giving you a comprehensive website traffic analysis by including the number of backlinks, organic keywords, organic traffic and the traffic value that a website gets.

2) Understanding What Keywords You Need to Use

For starters, we need to understand what keywords to use. We have a general idea, like: “Chinese food new york”. This is a good start. Let’s input this sentence into the Keywords Explorer tool.

We can see that for the phrase: “New York Chinese food”, there are approximately 450 searches per month, which means that this is something that must be included in our article, in titles and content as users tend to search for this specific phrase.

We can also see that the phrase: “best Chinese food in New York” has about 250 searches per month. This gives us the idea that perhaps it’s best to add the word “best” and mention it together with “Chinese food in new york” several times since that’s what people are looking for.

However, the next phrase: “New York style Chinese food” seems a little out of place. We are not writing about the specific cuisine style, but about the different restaurants serving Chinese food in New York. In this case, this specific keywords suggestion does not suit us. By adding different keyword variations in the keyword explorer we will get more suggestions. Suggestions that may be relevant to us, and some that may not.

You can then create a list of words and phrases that must be included in your article and when writing the article, be sure to add them.

In the results, we can find more information like “questions”, “search suggestions” and more. With these options, you can further learn how to construct your page, what headings to use, what additional paragraphs to add, etc.

3) hrefs Content Explorer

The next step in our SEO research procedure involves using the site explorer tool. First, we’d recommend that you type in your website’s URL, to see how it ranks. You could see your domain and URL rating, backlinks to your website, organic keywords, your top pages, etc. This is a good routine, especially if you take notes and see how you’ve improved, or worsened over time.

Now, let’s find a well-ranked competitor. From the google search query above, we see that when it comes to organic traffic, ny.eater is by far the more successful website. Let’s analyze it. Type the URL into the site explorer tool.

Our search query has yielded an overview of the most relevant information. This is extremely useful and comfortable. Immediately, we see that the domain rank is very strong, 90/100. To give you an indication of its strength, google.com has 98, and wikipedia.org has 92. However, its URL ranking is mediocre. There are many aspects which affect these rankings, this, however, is a story for another time.

We can see that there are 500,000 backlinks to this website, meaning that there are many other websites who link to this website and use the information available on it as a source to rely upon.

Under the organic keywords column, you can see the number of organic keywords that this website has. Remember the search query “Chinese food new york”, well, this website has covered over 490,000 similarly relevant keywords in its content. You can learn about each of the sections by hovering over the grey ‘i’ beside the section titles.

Ahrefs Keyword Tool

4) Ahrefs Extensive backlink analysis report

AHREFS is a well-known tool for the SEO backlink analysis of a website. This digital marketing analysis tool gives a complete load down of all the backlinks got from different 3rd party referral sites. You can also get the backlink analysis report of your competitor’s website. So that you are able to get an idea of which other higher domain authority sites, you need to get backlinks from. Unlike other backlink checker tools like SEMrush, Moz, or Majestic, AHREFS provides link data by using its own crawler like Googlebot. In this backlink report, you can also know how many number of backlinks that you have got from various types of referral sites like .org,.net,.com, educational, and government.

Indeed, this tool is a digital marketer’s delight as it provides extensive details for backlink analysis like referring IPs, backlink type, backlink follows status, social metrics and HTTP status.

As you are aware, Google ranks your website in top 10 position in search results, if you have high-quality backlinks. As seen in the above screenshot, AHREFS tool does provide you a glimpse of how many backlinks that you have currently and you will be able to make a comparison for previous months as well as with your major competitors.

5) Ahrefs Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker lets you track changes in keyword visibility and traffic, and compare your performance to competitors. You can also easily monitor how your content is shown to users. For example, search elements like Google’s featured snippets show relevant content from your site at the top of a search page. Rank Tracker will let you know which elements you feature in so you can optimize your content and which elements represent an opportunity for better visibility.

6) Ahrefs URL Rating

Unlike other digital marketing tools, AHREFS provides a unique perspective into website analysis. They have URL rating that guides a webmaster as to which URL is performing well. In other words, it tells you which URL is receiving more links both quantitatively and qualitatively. This helps in improving the URL performance by adding the keyword rich title tag, meta description and also the content. This plays a major role in website ranking in the search engine results.

URL Ratings from AHREFS lets you which are the URLs that are performing well for the website as seen here.

Ahrefs keywords explorer

7) Ahrefs Historical Backlink Data Analysis

In website analysis, it is important to keep track of your historical data, in particular, the Backlinks. There might be a situation where the backlinks acquired in the past might no longer be live. It helps you to make a comparison with those backlinks that are live at present. That is why AHREFS digital marketing tool is cut above the rest as it gives you the historical backlink data analysis report.

It gives you two options: Live Index shows all the backlinks that are still present after AHREFS’ re-crawl.

Fresh Index contains all the new backlinks that are indexed after the previous crawl and also those backlinks that are no longer live.

With the help of this tool, you can make a historical data analysis of the way your website has performed in the past months. The above screenshot shows the backlink performance over the past few months for www.soravjain.com.

8) Ahrefs Link Intersect

This section will give you a list of the site’s newly acquired and recently lost links and domains.

Ahrefs is very thorough with the filtering options – you can find links between a specific period, or sort links acquired in the last week, month or 60 days.

I like to use it to connect with the people who link to us and build a real relationship as well as save dropped links when possible.

New links: If someone liked our content enough to link to us, it’s a great opportunity to connect and build a relationship for repeated links, cross promotion etc. (check our Buzzstream review for outreach tips)

Lost/Broken links: People rarely talk about it but links DO go down. Very often a quick email to notify the person linking to you will get it fixed and maintain your link equity. I suggest you check every few months and batch it up.

9) Ahrefs Broken Outgoing Links

Ahrefs does a pretty good job of showing all broken inbound and outbound links on a site.

Ahrefs site explorer Broken Outgoing Links

This is another great link building opportunity. If you REALLY want a link from a given site, simply find broken links on pages that could host links to your site, and email the editor letting him know you found broken links on his site. Then, pitch him your links when he replies.

At the same time, broken backlinks on your own site are bad from a user-experience point of view, so removing them is a good idea as well.

Ahrefs site explorer

10) Ahrefs PPC Reporting

Want to know what keywords are actually profitable for a website? Simple: check what keywords it is actually advertising for.

This tool lets you do exactly that – it will show you a list of keywords a site advertises on Google for, along with the top pages from the site and a selection of ads.

Use this data to find profitable keywords.

For example, Airbnb has ads for keywords like ‘houses for rent’ and ‘house for rent near me’.

If I was an Airbnb competitor, I would create content for these keywords to siphon off some organic traffic.

Additionally, this tool also allows you to uncover the ad copy and the landing page URL. Perfect for reverse engineering Adwords competitor and piggyback-riding the thousands of dollars your competition surely spent optimizing their campaigns.

Ahrefs Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

Ahrefs has 4 pricing plans at $99, $179, $399, and $999 per month. There is a 20% annual discount if paid upfront.

The $99 is correctly called Lite. While we recommend Ahrefs, we can’t recommend the $99 Lite Subscription. It is so limited in queries, it is not worth it. Also, you can’t access tools like link intersect or “who tweeted.”

Ahrefs’ $179 plan has similar limits to the $99 plan of other tools.

As plans get more expensive, data limits and update frequency increase.

There is a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Ahrefs Pros Reviews

  • Working for an SEO company for a while, I had access to ALL the SEO tools out there and used them all pretty regularly. Ahrefs by far is my favorite and I believe the most powerful. And easy to use. The amount of data you can get when doing keyword research competitor research and backlink research is second to none. Plus, their interface was far more user-friendly than some of the other big SEO tools. It's pricey, but honestly, the amount of information I was able to get, both for my personal website and clients I was helping, was definitely worth the price.
  • Ahrefs is the current champ as one of the best backlink auditing tools and organic SERP data SaaS on the market. Its probably the most extensive tool for serious SEO and backlink analysis of competitors in organic search. This tool is powerful for keyword research and doing seo . audit competitors is easy with backlink auditing. Compared to other tools on the market more backlinks get crawled which makes this probably the best for seo there is.
  • Good, easy to use tool for those in SEO. Good for different levels. Enjoying using it for analysis. Other SEO's I've worked with also use it and recommend it.
  • It offers great insights on backlink profile of our key competitors, you can check top pages, organic traffic, keyword difficulty, and keyword volume on Ahrefs. It offers great options of checking what keywords you can optimize your website for, for what pages/keywords your competitors are getting most traffic for and so on. This really helps in getting good data and stats to start working on.
  • All in one – for SEO's. Ahrefs is best for everything regarding links. But there's more in the package: You get site audits, keyword trackers, content and keyword research + more. Of these, I do love the site audit. It made my life easier – compared to Screaming Frog. Now I don't have to sit around and wait while my computer crawls. I can just close the Ahrefs tab – and the whole thing will be done within the hour (or overnight). Theres even scheduled crawls, so I can get an overview of our technical and on-page SEO performance every week or month. It even comes with a lot of descriptions and guide on what to do about the bugs and errors found on your website. Great for beginners and specialists.

Ahrefs Cons Reviews

  • The price is the major setback for me. As part of a team, I wasn't paying for it. Now that I'm on my own, I absolutely know it's worth it if I'm doing SEO focused work. Otherwise, you are shooting blind.
  • A bit pricey without already ranking and already cashflow. costs a lot for someone just wanting to find a few longtails. For the serious company agency or team but not for the solopreneur thats just wanting to add 1000 more traffic a month on a few keywords.
  • Not too many cons. Like others have mentioned, if the cost isn't within budget they may find it costly.
  • It doesn't offer any feature to check and optimize for Google Ads and other social media ads. You have to use other tools to get information regarding them.
  • It can cost a lot if you have a lot of users. There's no option for individual logins for a team. So we do log each other out all the time – even though we have bought the package with up to 10 users using the login. The same goes for the Chrome Toolbar. A cool tool, but we log each other out – so we have to log in each day. It feels like a waste of time. They are not made for PPC stats. There's some numbers and Ad examples, but they don't seem correct.


Ahrefs boasts a number of powerful features that help set it apart, including a proprietary web crawler second only to Google in size and speed. While price points are broadly aligned with those of similar products, best-in-class link analysis, powerful research tools, and knowledgeable user support help make Ahrefs one of the best options for understanding and improving your domain’s online presence.

But do not pay $999 a month for the Agency package, when you can get Ahrefs now for only $30 per month!

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With Ahrefs, you don’t have to be an SEO pro to rank higher and get more traffic

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