Great marketers and sellers know that there is only one first impression.

However, no matter how bold and dashing your online store is, or how great your products or services are, your customers will most likely leave their cart behind.

Win Your Customers Back

The facts on bounce rates are quite grim — only 2% of all customers conduct a purchase during their first visit to an online store.

The question is, are there any successful ways of regaining the other 98%? Absolutely. Retargeting is among the most successful, yet fairly underrated techniques.

Just about one-third of global marketers use it for growing massive revenue and reaching new customers and clients. This method is utterly basic, yet effective — using simple lines of code, it reminds customers to continue where they left off.

​Interestingly enough, the last year marked an average of 68% of global marketing agencies and 49% of brands actively running retargeting campaigns.

The infographic we provided for you gives you a deep insight packed with facts and statistics on retargeting. Here are a few of the most intriguing ones:

More than 46% of all marketing experts agree that retargeting is the most underrated marketing tool.

Instagram gained around $10 billion in retargeting ad revenue in 2019.

The most bounced off websites with empty carts are related to travel, airline, clothing, retail, and finance.

About 12% of all marketers use retargeting to raise brand awareness, popularity, and loyalty.

The procedure is quite simple. As potential customers visit your online store, most of them will leave the cart. However, they picked up ‘pixels’ – bits of code that traced the activity on the website. Later, during the next internet session, they will get an ad of what they were previously considering to buy. They choose to come back and finish shopping and end up being content customers.

Essentially, the technique of retargeting is yet to see its full potential, but it is proven to be great for bringing customers back and getting them to reconsider the purchase. To find out more information, check out the infographic that follows.


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