Trying to stand out from the crowd? Try using clickable social cards.

Getting your brand noticed in the sea of visual content is no easy task. Luckily, online tools such as AnyImage can help you supercharge the performance of your content with clickable social cards that you can create in minutes!

How to Create Clickable Social Cards in Seconds

What AnyImage does is allow you to create an unlimited number of clickable social cards and post them on any of the major social media platforms. Using social cards is one of the most effective ways of driving more traffic to your website and giving your engagement rates a boost.

Unlike normal image posts that simply expand when a user clicks on them, social cards send visitors directly to your chosen landing page. Clickable social cards can be used to directly promote products and services, blog posts, app and software downloads, competition landing pages, and much more.

Since creating social cards can be both challenging and time-consuming for less-experienced website owners or those with no access to the back end of a website, using a free online tool like AnyImage is the perfect solution to jumpstarting your engagement rates.

To learn more about this useful tool that can help you create clickable social cards in a matter of seconds, take a look at the comprehensive infographic below.

Create Clickable Social Cards
Courtesy of: AnyImage

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