Is there anything more frustrating than a websites load time takes ages to load? As an avid online shopper and a self-confessed browsing addict, I know just how important a websites loading time is for visitors.

How Load Time Effects Your Website

"If I need to wait for what feels like hours to make a purchase, the chances of me returning to that website again are next to nothing."

Speed & Customer Experience

The speed of a website is correlated with the level of customer satisfaction. This means that improving the speed of a web pages load time leads to happier customers.

Did you know almost half of customers (47%) expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less? If you want your customers to keep coming back, it is important to make sure your page doesn’t take longer than a couple of seconds to load.

Case Studies

To demonstrate the importance of fast load time for all type of online businesses, we’ve prepared 12 telling case studies that show how improving load time leads to amazing results. Here are a few of them:

How Load Time Effects Your Website

  • mPulse Mobile could improve their conversion rate by 0.4% if they increased their page load time by just 1.1 second.
  • Yahoo case study showed that reducing page load time by a mere 0.4 seconds could increase traffic by 9%.
  • Amazon would lose an incredible $1.6 billion in sales each year if their page load slowed down by just 1 second.
    Bing case study proved that the Microsoft-owned search engine would lose 4.3% in revenue per visitor if the load time was 2 seconds slower.
  • SmartFurniture would up their organic traffic by 20%, their page views by 14%, and improve their search engine rankings by an average of two positions if they sped up their website.
  • Shopzilla pages that load faster deliver anywhere from 7% to 12% more conversions than the slower pages.

To find the rest of the studies on the way speed affects your website visualized in the informative graphic below.

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