Using a RSS Feed to Post from WordPress to Facebook.

There are many reasons why you may want to have any post or page that you publish on your WordPress page to be automatically posted to a Facebook page. (Using the RSS Feed described in this video, it is also optional to have it post to your personal profile page as well.)

How to Auto-Post from WordPress to Facebook

One of the main reasons people my want to use a RSS Feed is to ‘speed things up’, or simply to automate it so it is one less thing you have to do, for many of us time is a factor, right?

The video below explains how to have any one of your new WordPress posts or pages automatically post on Facebook and also create some ‘SEO Juice” out of it! This will give your article another way for people to find it on the Search Engines! Remember, “It’s not all about the search, it’s about being found!”

If you are going to use a RSS Feed to syndicate your articles and posts to Facebook, personally I do not recommend using Twitter, it is not very personable for one, but the other is you don’t get any added SEO Juice from it.

Auto Post from WordPress to Facebook



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