Choosing a good domain name can help your website get to the top of the search engines faster. Using your Company domain name may not always be the best choice for good SEO results.

There are alot of cases where your company name may not have what it takes to help your websites get to the top of the search engines. If your company name is somewhat general, you may want to point your company domain name to a more Search Engine Optimized one that is more relative to the keywords and/or keyphrase that people use when they search for a business like yours.

BluehostOn all of your “Offline Marketing” you can use your company domain name, such as “Jim’” and point it to a more sensitive domain name for online searchers. So, if your business was buying junk cars, “Jim’” could be pointed to “” which is a much better optimized name for anyone searching “junk car removal”.

This video goes over a couple techniques you can use when researching a great domain name.

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