Building a Strong Internet PresenceBuilding a Strong Internet Presence may not be as difficult as your SEO expert is telling you.

If you are just starting to build your internet presence or want to be sure that you have built your online presence correctly, there are some simple steps to follow. Rather than having a shotgun approach and hoping it works, use these simple proven techniques to get more traffic and visibility to your product or niche.

  1. Create a Blog – As far as we are concerned, there is only one blogging platform to build your internet and online presence and that is WordPress. We highly recommend Bluehost to host your blog simply because it has an easy to use cpanel to install your blog. Next you will need a good blog theme and we strongly encourage you to look at the Flexsqueeze theme. It is designed for online marketers with the key features you will need already built in.
  2. Twitter Page – Create a Twitter page and use it as a bill-board! Create a nice background image with your contact info and take advantage of a backlink to your website with a high Pagerank you will get from Twitter.
  3. Facebook Page – Creating a Facebook page ( will give you several options a personal profile page will not. One of the biggest is a Facebook page is indexed by Google, where your personal page is not.
  4. Content – Now that you have a Blog, you need to add content. Adding relative, informative and trending posts to your blog regarding your niche will attract readers and create followers.

This short video explains the steps in a little more detail.


The Ultimate WordPress Theme to Making Money Online

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