​Social media is going toward video messages as more and more viewers are finding amusement and information through the video platform.

Keep up with the latest way to connect with your consumers. Social media is an ever evolving platform for getting your message across.

Video Marketing and Social Media

Each year brings newer and better ways to communicate. The big winner for 2012 may be somewhat different from personal instant messages. Video posts are increasing in popularity and are projected to be the ‘it’ marketing media of choice.

Video Apps Becoming a Major Social Media Player

The statistics are indicative of serious growth in the video industry.

  • Every day for example, nearly a third of all adults share, watch, or make videos.
  • A whopping 70% of adults participate in some fashion in the online video platforms.
  • As of just 5 years ago, only about 40% were known to participate so the numbers are growing dramatically.
  • On the YouTube channel more than one trillion videos were viewed in just the last year alone.
  • To put the production of video in perspective, imagine that 48 hours worth of video is uploaded for every minute of the day every day.

Using Video to Advertise

Using video to advertise your products is quite efficient. Consider that in the past a television commercial was created at great expense. Running that commercial message was also very expensive and the return on the investment could be marginally positive. With YouTube or other video channels as your platform the expense is dramatically lowered, while your potential viewers can be extensive especially if your ad goes ‘viral,’ meaning it grows exponentially as more and more viewers find it to be share-worthy.

When there is such an obvious interest in a media platform, it’s best to take advantage of it while you are able and don't be left behind. Today’s media changes so quickly that in order to keep up we must advertise where our products and services are most likely to be seen and the word spread. Catchy titles for your videos are essential as the public looks through the listings and all they see is a thumbnail still shot from the video along with the title.

There’s a trick to drawing attention in that way because you need to entice them to view your whole message. Since this may involve a bit of time and patience on the viewer’s part while the video loads, they must be motivated to stay with it and see it through. The impact you can make with video messages is worth the trouble, though. It’s much like television ads that have so much influence on the public’s consumer purchasing habits.


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