Two of many helpful tools that you can utilize with the Divi theme is the Divi Library and the Unlimited Custom Widget creator.

They both can be used in many ways, but one of the ways you can theme is for your post templates.

Using the Divi Library and Custom Widgets

Using a pre-designed template for your blog posts along with custom widgets can save you a lot of time and deliver more relative widgets to your content when creating your posts.

The Divi Theme Library will all you to create Global templates that you can use throughout your site. Setting that saved template as Global means that when you change that template in any location in your site, it will change it everywhere in your website.

You can also save the premade template so it is not Global, meaning you can change it in one spot only without having that template change site wide.

Along with that, you can also create custom widgets. Divi allows you to create an unlimited number of widget ready areas on the fly. Sidebars can then be added to any page, allowing you to create unique sidebars for different section of your website. Adding all of your custom widgets to you post template will allow you to remove the ones you do not need so your widgets will line up better with your post and/or allows you to promote your most relative products, advertisements or events on the sidebar widgets for that post.

Watch this video to learn why and how to use the Divi Library along with custom widgets to create your blog posts.

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Divi WordPress Theme

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