Steps to making your WordPress blog more secure from some of common things that hackers will do to attempt to login to your WordPress Blog.

Making your WordPress Blog more secure from hackers isn't that difficult and doing just a few simple things can help keep your blog more protected from hackers and spam registrations.

1) Reduce Spam Registrations from your Blog

Depending on the settings of your WordPress blog, anyone can register for your blog from going to ''.

 If you have set your blog setting so anyone can register, also be sure that you have the settings so that anyone who registers can only register as a "user". At this level, all anyone has the access to do is edit their profile.

WordPress Registered User RolesTo check your user settings, simply goto Settings -> General and look for the Memberships settings and be sure that you have it set the way you want it. The most typical setting is; "Membership: Anyone can register" and "New User Default Role:  Subscriber".

Why do people register as a user? Most typically it is because some sites will offer special, subscriber-only,
content. So if someone registered on your blog, it can show that they liked it so much that they don't want to miss anything and it a good thing.

Another reason why people may register for a blog is that on some blogs, u

Making Your WordPress Blog More SecureSpammers will also try to register for your blog and there are scripts that they use to look for blogs that the access is not set for "user", but something that can give them even more access like "Author" or "Editor". This will give them access to post any spam they like to your blog.

Though it is not 100% foolproof, a great plugin you can use to help reduce the amount of spam registrations on your blog is to install the "si captcha for wordpress" plugin. This plugin adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress forms for comments, registration, lost password, login, or all. In order to post comments or register, users will have to type in the code shown on the image.

2) Keep Your Plugins and WordPress Version Up To Date

Another important step to making your WordPress Blog more secure is keeping it updated! If you don't login to your blog often, the chances are you are going to have several plugin and even WordPress version updates that you will have to make.

Many times these updates are nothing more than a security and it is a must that you login to your blog regularly to be sure everything is up to date.

3) Do Not Use 'Admin' as your WordPress Blogs Username!

Probably the most important thing you can do to making your WordPress Blog more secure is to never us 'Admin" as your username.

If you have created your WordPress blog with the username "admin" you may just as well of opened the doors to hackers. However, if you have it's not to late to fix it even if you have posted several articles and would like to re-name your login user name from "admin" to something more secure.

This video below will explain exactly how to change your username from 'Admin' to anything that is more secure.

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