Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the ranking of a website in the organic search results of a Search Engine. There are different techniques to do an SEO, which is mainly divided into on-page and off-page SEO.

It is crucial for businesses to do this to gain visibility online.

Search Engine Optimization

Keywords are the key

Keywords are the words written by users on a Search Engine such as Google. It is essential to have relevant keywords that are related to your market or industry. Keywords should be those words which are mostly searched for by users in Search Engines that are common or connected to your business. Your page title or content should have these keywords in them for Search Engine monitors to detect. Start with basic keywords. From there, you can add more words to the other keywords. You can do this repeatedly. It is better to have more extended keywords because there will be less competition with those words. Other than general keywords, there are also lateral keywords. These are keywords that have the same meaning as your other keywords. For example, I am trying to optimize the keyword “soccer.” Then, I should also optimize the keyword “football” so that the website could get more views.


It is vital for a website to have good content. Search engines are always updating to keep the best sites on top of the list. Creating great content is one way to be relevant. Only put necessary information on your site that could help entice customers to look around and do business with you. For a great sample, you may take a look at Carl Ocab’s SEO Philippines page. Other than necessary information, make sure that the information you put is exciting or intriguing to potential clients. Search engine monitors will penalize repetitive and unnecessary content. So, keep it clear and concise. It is also vital that the content you create is original and high quality. By doing this, other webmasters might link you in their articles which could further boost your ranking. For example, you have a company which offers leadership training. You can write an article about being a good leader and what are the common traits of great leaders.


Backlinks are created when outside sources talk about your website or business. This might be one of the hardest strategies in SEO. This is hard because other people should be talking about you and that cannot happen without proper marketing and keeping an online presence. But, there is another way to get backlinks which is easier. You can be the one to reach out to known bloggers and websites that are relevant to your business. They can create content that will be talking about your business for something in exchange. The more backlinks you have, the easier it is to improve your visibility in search rankings.

Social media presence

Any business can benefit from having a social media account. It is the easiest and best way to reach out to thousands of people quickly. You can get followers through paid advertising by boosting your posts or just simply creating quality posts which could go viral. Once a business becomes a hit on Facebook, a lot of traffic can be directed to your website which helps in SEO.


Search engine optimization is vital for any website to be known to internet users. This is just an overview of how digital marketing companies do SEO. There are even more factors and elements to consider to optimize your Search Engine rankings completely.

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