Contact Form Drop-Down Fields

If you are creating contact forms, or any kind of forms that capture information, it is time-consuming & frustrating finding and entering all abbreviations for the drop-down menus.

After creating more and more contact forms for our clients,  it was about time to get smart and create a list of most used drop-down menus to easily copy and paste them into the drop-down fields!

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Download all 5!

I searched the web for these drop-down fields and I found a few, but they either had "" in them and/or other text or code that I didn't need. In some cases they took me hours to edit!

So here they are! All 5 categories in simple text (notepad) so you can easily save the files to your computer, open them quickly, then effortlessly copy and paste them into the drop down fields.

5 Most Popular Contact Form Drop-Down Fields
Drown Fields for Months
Drop-Down Fields
for Years
Drop-Down Fields
for States
Drop-Down Fields
for Numbers
Drop-Down Fields
for Countries
countries248 Countries

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