The Jetpack plugin for WordPress has several valuable plugins, but one that is a must for all WordPress users is the Jetpack Widget Visibility plugin!

Control which pages your widgets appear on with the Jetpack Widget Visibility plugin !

Jetpack Widget Visibility PluginThe Jetpack Widget Visibility plugin allows you to easily choose what page, category, Author, Tag, Post Date or individual page to show a specific widget!

You may have a specific page that you want to show, or not show a widget or group of widgets. This plugin will allow you to easily choose what widgets show up or don't show up!

Using the Jetpack Widget Visibility Plugin

To control visibility, expand the widget and click the Visibility button next to the Save button, and then, choose a set of visibility options.

For example, if you wanted the Archives widget to only appear on category archives and error pages, choose "Show" from the first dropdown and then add two rules: "Page is 404 Error Page" and "Category is All Category Pages."

You can also hide widgets based on the current page. For example, if you don't want the Archives widget to appear on search results pages, choose "Hide" and "Page is Search results."

For more features of the WordPress Jetpack plugin and how to install it, please visit "Best Features of the Jetpack Plugin for WordPress"

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