Fifteen Second video commercials do produce Clicks! One of the reasons why video commercials are so successful on Facebook is because Facebook videos automatically play without audio on users’ News Feeds.

Fifteen Second Video Commercials Produce ClicksProducing a professionally done :15 second video commercial for your niche may be just what your looking for.

There are many stats that prove how successful any video is on the internet, and now short, :15 second video commercials seem to the wave of video.

To support how video is taking the internet by storm, here are a few video facts we hoped would wet your whistle and help motivate you to create your own online video marketing campaign with the :15 second video commercial in mind. 

Shocking Video Viewing Facts (Source

  • Videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%.
  • YouTube alone has more than 4 billion views per day, and it’s the second-largest search engine.
  • A third of all online activity is spent watching video.
  • The average internet user is exposed to an average of 32.2 videos in a month.
  • Every day 100 million internet users watch an online video.
  • 50% of users watch business related videos on YouTube once a week.
  • 75% of users visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video.
  • 75% of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week.
  • An average viewer spends 16 minutes 49 seconds watching online video ads every month.
  • 80% of internet users remember the video ads they watch online.
  • 26% of internet users look for more information after viewing a video ad.
  • 22% of internet users visit the website named in a video ad they viewed.
  • After viewing a video ad, 12% of viewers purchase the specific product featured in the ad.
  • Web site visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product from an online retail site after watching a video.
  • Click-through rates increase 2-3 times when marketers include a video in an email.
  • Subscribers to lead conversation rates increase 51% when video is included in an email marketing campaign.
  • 80% of your online visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will actually read content in its entirety.
  • Your website is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine.

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