LinkedIn Company PageAre you using a LinkedIn Company Page to promote your product or service? A LinkedIn Company Page will give you several other features to get your product or service in front of a targeted audience!

LinkedIn Company Page will not only give you extra visibility on the Search Engines, but it will also give you an additional way to highlight any product or service you are offering.

Linkedin products and services


1) After you have created your LinkedIn Company Page, click on "Edit" -> "Add Product or Service" tab from the top right of your Business Page.

2) Choose between a product or service.

3) Select a category.

After that, you have several more options where you can;

  • Name your product or service
  • Add an image of your product or service
  • Describe your product or service
  • List of key features
  • Add a Disclaimer
  • Add a URL directly to your product or service page
  • Add any contact person (needs to be following you on LinkedIn) from your company
  • Add a promotion for this product or service
  • Add a YouTube video about this product or service

After your product has been published you can then even ask for recommendations. Then take the link and share it on your other Social Media sites for extra promotion value!

For an example of what your products page would look like, visit the SEO-Alien's LinkedIn product page

So, if you have not created your LinkedIn company page, get started from and start promoting your products or services!

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