How Often Should You Update Your blog?When you create the perfect website for your business, it will suffice for a while. It’s very important to keep it as fresh as possible, however. If you have searched for information and found the same old websites with the same content they had 2 months ago, chances are you’ll stop clicking on their link and look for new ones.

The other millions of web users around the globe tend to have the same attitude. If you are the owner of a website, do everything you can to freshen the contents often. Each time your interested viewers come to your site there should be something new for them to look at. Blogs are an excellent way to keep that fresh information flowing.

A web store will need to be adjusted and the stock rotated through the pages. Feature new products often to draw attention to them. Use sales to move your older stock. Whatever activity you participate in, it should give the impression that someone is working on it continuously.

How often do you need to update your Blog?

If you create a blog, update it for best results. We suggest at least once a week, but whatever pattern you set, be it once a day, once a week, bi-weekly or monthly, try to keep that pattern consistent. Give your viewers something to come back for time after time.

These techniques can be compared to a brick and mortar store. When you enter a clothing store, for example, if you see the same racks with the same clothing on them time after time how likely are you to be excited to return and see what’s new? That’s why you’ll see the racks changing places and clothing rotated out. It’s standard operating procedure in any marketing arena.

News pages can be either a great way to add fresh content or an obvious sign that you aren’t paying much attention to your website. News stories are dated, so using them is great as long as you don’t wait too long to add more. A website with news articles dated a month or two ago would make your potential customers think you are too busy to attend to your website, and older dates could even indicate that you’re no longer in business.

Custom Websites and Super Sales PagesDon’t waste your SEO search results. If you’ve done well and have a good page rank you’ll get lots of viewers. Take full advantage of the situation and hold their attention by providing great content on a consistent basis. Use new blogs, articles, news stories, and featured products and rotate them often for best results.

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