Twitter Rules and Tips

Following rules of etiquette on Twitter will improve your reputation and increase your followers.

Though Twitter is a crazy, viral way to communicate quickly and get your message, any message at all, around the globe in twenty minutes, there are definitely rules of etiquette that you will want to follow if you would like to attain more followers who look forward to seeing your tweets.

"Don’t be ignored or blocked. Know what’s cool to do
and what isn't for best results."

If you are new to Twitter, take a little breather and listen to what others are tweeting about and how they express themselves. They will use shortened versions of words and phrases, hashtags, and symbols to get their messages across in the most efficient way. See how others share pictures and links to information or web sites relevant to what they are tweeting about. Then you can try out a few tweets yourself and see how it goes.

Twitter will be a good use of your time to learn the ropes in social media marketing today. It is significant in both personal and business communications. B2B marketing is done through Twitter, in fact, on a regular and very successful basis. Your business can build a reputation for your brand by exposing it to millions and increasing your followers. The more followers you attain, the better your reputation will become as it is known in marketing that the familiarity of your name is as important as what you are selling.

When formulating a tweet, use proper words but stay within the 140 character limit by being cleverly concise in what you are trying to say. Businesses shouldn’t use teeny bopper slang phrases and ways of spelling. It works for them in their text world, but is improper in business tweets. Keep it short, sweet, and professional, always.

Make it clear to your tweeting staff that they are expected to do the same regardless of how young or trendy cool they may be. In fact, if you plan to use social media to promote your brand you should definitely write a policy regarding proper communications to be used by employees when representing the company. Your younger employees may want to be your ‘tweeters’ but it is important to use your usual marketing team for all communications, including Twitter.

Respond to complaints publicly and immediately, and then move your conversation to a private message for completion. This will show your public that you are sensitive to your customers and will treat their concerns with dignity.

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Happy Tweeting!

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