Tweeting for Great ResultsCreating the perfect Tweet is an art and requires some serious thought. Don’t send off poorly constructed sentences, irrelevant statements, and make your point like it’s a newspaper headline.

Sending a simple Tweet may seem like an easy task, and essentially it is. You only need to find 140 characters to use and hit send. That is a very short writing assignment, so it might appear to be easy enough. The real trick to Tweeting is finding out exactly how to say what you want to say in just a few words. Those who have never tried it might not see the problem. It really isn't easy to make a solid point, lure your followers to click on a link to find out more, or peak their curiosity and entice them to watch your video, read the full advertisement, or read your blog post.

The real trick to Tweeting is finding out exactly
how to say what you want to say in just a few words.

Here are a few tips to help you create Tweets that really count and won’t be sent out into electronic oblivion with no one paying them any mind.

  • You should know who you are targeting.
  • Never Tweet endlessly about nothing.
  • Remember that you must say your piece in the brief headline as that’s all anyone reads these days.
  • Finally, don’t be tempted to send Tweets with poor or incomplete spelling, improper grammar, or missing punctuation. It lacks class and yes, people do notice, even these days.

Understand Your Followers Interests

Knowing your target market will help you to create relevant Tweets that will attract attention. If you know what your customers need and want, it won’t be hard to give them interesting information that they will be happy to read.

Don’t become one of those Tweet spammers that blather on endlessly, one Tweet at a time, about how they cut their sandwich diagonally today instead of crosswise or that they are bored. This sends such an unmistakably unprofessional image to your readers that they will just stop reading your Tweets. They may likely ‘unfollow’ you, which isn’t what you’re looking for here.

Make Your Headline Calls to Action!

Remember that people today rely on headlines to get their information. Read through some traditional newspapers to see a perfect example of how to configure your Tweets to attract interest. Newspapers are the masters of the headline game, so they can guide you in the use of few words to make a specific point.

Do not sacrifice your English language knowledge and think its ok. It’s common today, especially in text and SMS messaging, but that doesn't mean you won’t be scrutinized and judged by how literate and professional your Tweets are. Make any point, no matter how relevant, and it will be ignored if you've misspelled a word or forgotten the punctuation.

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