"The use of micro-blogs like Twitter are only as effective as the way you use them."

Micro-blogging on Twitter is very popular among all age groups and it crosses economic and social lines. Anyone with a phone or access to the internet can send out micro-blogs through Twitter, IMs, emails, or text messages. As you might imagine, they are being sent by the multi-millions. How can you use this to increase attention to your business without getting lost in the shuffle?

Keeping the Right Twitter Crowd

First, know your audience. If you own a business you most likely know who your customer base is and their general demographics. Write only things that would be of interest to them. Give them value for their time. There is so much media bombardment these days that people are learning to filter what they spend their time reading. If it’s not of interest to them directly, they will most likely pass it by without a second glance.

Send out your micro-blogs on a regular basis. Don’t overdo it, but do post as often as you think might be necessary to keep your readers’ interest up. A good rule of thumb, tweet 2-3 times a day. (Looking for ideas to tweet? Check out 6 key Categories of Tweets.)

What Not to Tweet

Never put personal information in your micro-blogs. Unless you are posting to close friends or family and you are sending on a private feed, be careful of what goes out. You can do damage to your business by talking about the killer party you went to last night and your beer pong exploits. It’s unprofessional and should be reserved for personal messages only. Setting up a second account for personal use aside from your business messages is a very good idea if you want to be sure that nothing inappropriate slips out to the wrong feed.

Managing Your Twitter Notifications

Managing Twitter feeds is a good way to filter what is and isn’t relevant to you. If your phone alerts you every time you receive a message, your phone could be alerting you far more often than you want it to. Use LEAVE + username to stop the phone from sending you an alert every time someone sends you a message that’s not relevant. To take someone off of your list, type REMOVE + username.

The easiest and best way to stop getting emails every time someone follows you, sends you a direct message. when your Tweets are retweeted, etc. is from your Twitter page itself. Login to your Twitter page and go to;

  • Settings -> Notifications -> and uncheck the "" buttons.

Tips to Finding Relevant Twitter Followers

Finding followers and relevant people to follow is a matter of inviting those you know share the interests you will be discussing and it will snowball from there. Find relevant people to follow by;

Happy Tweeting!


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