Social Media Marketing TipsBookmarking Tips and Strategies: When you have a favorite web browser you will most likely have lots and lots of favorite website bookmarks and you wonder if you can keep them all in a convenient place while social networking. The portability factor is the most desirable reason to create bookmarks. Taking them along when you are away from your computer is most convenient.

Why Bookmark?

Finding something on the web that you are particularly interested in is a perfect thing to bookmark. You may want to access the website or webpage again at some time or maybe you need to show someone what you came across. Articles, jokes, and other writings or media of interest can be forwarded to your email list or to just one recipient that you know will appreciate it. Coming across it once was easy enough. Finding it again when you want to use it is another story altogether. That is, unless you’ve bookmarked it when you found it the first time.

Sharing your list of bookmarks is an interesting way to see what others have found on the web as you can exchange bookmark lists. Just add the person you want to trade with as a friend and you can see their list while they look yours over.

While search engines have massive amounts of information and refer you to thousands of web pages when you search for something of interest, a social bookmarking website points you to things that are more focused to your particular interests.

Bookmarking Sites

Blinklist is a good place for those of you who have not done this before. Others are and Folkd.

Go to a few of these and enter as a guest so you can try them out.

When you decide which one you like to use, place a button on the browser that you can use for easy access. Most sites will tell you how to create the button. Now you can go on a search for some interesting websites and practice bookmarking them.

What are "Tags"

When you bookmark a site, you’ll be asked how you want to label it in a pop up box. Tags describe the subject that the website is about. That gives you a way to find it among all of your bookmarks in the future. If the site is about collie dogs you can give it two tags; one for ‘collie’ and one for ‘dog’ so you can cross reference them when you have a whole list of bookmarks about dogs. This is a very basic description of the bookmark concept, but it gives you an idea of the importance and convenience of bookmarking.

Happy Bookmarking!

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