Social Bookmarking SitesWith all of the hype about social bookmarking you might wonder what it’s all about and why it’s so special. It’s an effective and very powerful way to promote your website. Social bookmarking sites are visited by millions of users every day, which creates another way to drive traffic to your site.

What Makes Social Bookmarking So Special?

Social bookmarking sites use a categorization technique to store links to bookmarks. This makes it easier for them to be found. When internet users are searching for information that relates to a specific subject, your link will lead them directly to your site. Using a bookmarking site gives you the opportunity to link back your webpage from the information site.

Tagging Your Bookmarks

The means to draw attention to your site is through TAGS. When an internet user types in a specific word to search, that word is known as a TAG and will bring up relevant websites. Tagging your website for anything that might be included in the information will draw traffic to your site when someone searches for that word or subject. Votes can be cast for your bookmark, either thumbs up or thumbs down depending on the relevance of your TAG to their search. The more relevant your TAGS, the more likely you are to get a thumbs up.

Advantages of Bookmarking

Some of the advantages of bookmarking include increased specific traffic that includes your target market, fast indexing, authoritative web pages to give the viewer the information they are looking for, and the possibility to score a better page ranking.

The increased speed with which you site can be found is achieved through search engine spiders. When you TAG your site it will be crawled and recognized instantly. Crawlers make an almost continuous cycle through the information and bookmark sites.

Improve Pagerank Through Bookmarking

Higher search engine ranking can be realized by using one-way incoming links. Unlimited keyword links are featured on social bookmarking sites. The more relevant keywords you can use that link to your website, the higher your ranking will be.

Pagerank is significant, as it can be linked directly to your website and eliminates the need for you to log in every day and add your site information, URL, descriptions, and keywords. That is an important task, but is quite time consuming. Why not let the social bookmarking sites do the work for you and increase traffic to your site.

One of the biggest benefits of Social Bookmarking sites, unlike Auto-Submitting Software for backlinks, is that you are to be sure to be in the right category for your niche. Auto-Submitting Software will ultimately have you in places you really don't want to be and will not always correctly tag your article or webpage.

Not all Social Bookmarking Sites are Created Equal

When you start searching for Social Bookmarking sites, you will soon discover that there are literally hundreds of these Bookmarking Sites to choose from. Which Bookmarking sites are right for your niche? You will have to do a little research to be sure that the Bookmarking Sites you use fit your online marketing strategies.

One thing to pay attention to is Pagerank. Using a Bookmarking site that has a high Pagerank will help you much more than submitting to sites with a low Pagerank.

The other thing to note is if the backlinks are "readable" or "nofollow". The readable backlinks are preferable, but sometime you may have to sacrifice a readable backlink in lieu of visibility.

Good Social Bookmarking Sites

Obviously you will want to research these sites to be sure that they fit your niche, but here are a couple of good bookmarking sites that you can start out with.

Diigo.comPagerank of 7 – Pagerank of 8 – Pagerank of 8 – Pagerank of 8

Delicious.comPagerank of 7

Again, there are several hundred to choose from, but there are 5 that can get you off on the right foot.

Bookmark Everywhere!Happy Bookmarking!

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